ep.63 – How to connect to your True Self with Arezu founder of InspireZu

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ep.63 – How to connect to your True Self with Arezu founder of InspireZu

Arezu began meditating at the age of 5, and by age 7 she started practicing Kundalini Yoga with her teacher, Guru Singhi. By age 14 she was the youngest certified Kundalini Yoga teacher in the USA.

She followed her teachers words “love your work and you will never work another day of your life” and decided to do what she loves most, helping individuals through Yoga to connect within, unleashing their own passions and building a life of purpose.

Her brand, InspireZu is all about finding ways to inspire one through mind, spirit and body practices.

She teaches over 11 different styles of yoga from Kundalini to core power to Restorative.

She is know for her trademarked fusion class “Kundalini core flow’ which combines most of her lineages.

She teaches Prenatal, Mommy and Me, Kids Yoga (ages 2 and up) and is also a Yoga for Youth teacher specialising in teaching the underprivileged and incarcerated youth in Los Angeles.

She is a certified Brain Longevity Specialist and she hold’s “Brain Boosting Workshops” that teach you how to Train the Mind and Body through exercise, meditations plus more things to boost the Brain.

She is a cA Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (APRF) and for Womens Alzheimers Movement.

APRF teaches a powerful Kundalini meditation that has been scientifically researched and clinically proven (by UcLA) to help aid in preventing memory loss as well as many other health benefits.

She was also running and hosting international retreats in costa rica, croatia and many more places globally and whilst at the moment she has had to push out the retreat dates it is still something she want’s to continue doing when international travel becomes an option in the future again.


In this episode – our podcast show guest

Arezu founder of InspireZu


– her own personal yoga journey

– how to meditate

– how to reduce that mind chatter that never seems to stop

– how to create a daily self care routine

– how to love yourself more

– how to accept yourself as you are

– how to cope better during covid19

– how to feel less anxious

– how to feel less fearful and scared during covid19

– how to help your kids feel less anxious

– how to help your kids cope better, learn better, feel better

– things she has learnt by going through a global pandemic

– a Mantra to try when feeling overwhelmed

Plus we talk all things from:










Self care

Self love

How to  feel more spiritual during these challenging times for all.


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Podcast Show Guest

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