ep.64 – Slow Beauty with Shel Pink, founder of SPARITUAL

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ep.64 – Slow Beauty with Shel Pink, founder of SPARITUAL

When Shel Pink was a child, many years before holistic lifestyles became mainstream, her mother instilled in her the importance of an organic diet, regular massage, alternative healing methods and the minimization of toxin exposure within our environment.

It had always been a way of life, so embracing yoga, meditation and Ayurveda during her college years was a natural extension of the principles which grounded and shaped her thinking.

In 2004, Shel Pink founded SPARITUAL inspired by clean beauty, spa culture and the art of self care.

SPARITUAL is a sustainable, vegan beauty brand based on the rituals of self care.

SPARITUAL is committed to creating clean, non toxic products for the spa professional and the self care activist.

SPARITUAL roots are firmly planted in the ancient and present healing traditions of spa, the true source of self care.

SPARITUAL products and programs are designed to intentionally connect you to Slow Beauty Rituals to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment and set in motion the return to a state of wholeness.

In 2015, Shel Pink released her first book SLOW BEAUTY – Rituals and Recipes to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul *available to order Amazon

Slow Beauty is about creating moments within each day, week, month, season and year to practice the kind of meaningful self care and wellness that makes us glow.

In this episode – our podcast show guest

Shel Pink, founder of SPARITUAL


– her own personal brand journey

– her self care rituals

– how body care can help

– things to help elevate your mood

– as a founder how she had to be able to pivot very quickly due to cvoid-19

– how she had to step outside her comfort zone during cvoid-19 and do things like never before

– how you can start your own daily self care rituals at home

– what Slow Beauty really means to her

– how taking care of yourself can help with your overall health – body, mind, spirit, skin, health, happiness.

Plus we talk all things SPARITUAL, Slow Beauty, Spa and Self care rituals plus more


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