ep.62 – Therapeutic Skincare Tips with Hayley Wood, founder of Therapeutic Skin coach

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ep.62 –  Therapeutic Skin & Self care Tips with Hayley Wood – founder of Therapeutic Skin coach, Licensed Esthetican 

Hayley Wood remembers her first breakout like it was yesterday.

She work up when she was 10 years old to what felt like millions of bumps on her forehead and her t-zone was full of clogged pores.

At age of 18 she decided to drop out of college and pursue a career in esthetics. After receiving her license in Esthiology in 2006 at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she dove straight into the skin care industry and her love for holistic health care, and a need for constant education, growth and an open heart continues.

A turning point for her career was at age of 27 when she had shingles and the virus slowly shut her nervous system down after this experience she decided to create a life that would help to reduce burn out.

She has now developed the term ‘therapeutic skin coach’ as my title because I coach and guide people beyond their skincare treatments to truly transform their skin.

She intuitively has the ability and expertise to find the root of most skin issues.


In this episode – podcast show guest

Hayley Wood, founder of Therapeutic Skin coach


– her own personal brand journey

– her own skincare routine

– skincare tips

– her self care tips

– what it’s really like when you she got told you are not an essential business or profession you must close due to covid19 and stay at home

– when she was closed during covid19 what she started from home

– plus we talk all things spa, skin care, trends, health, wellness, running a business, self love, mental health plus so much more.

If your skin is feeling like c*ap.

You feel your face it’s starting to sag.

You can’t stand those dark bags underneath your eyes.

Not to mention the lines around your eyes.

Tune into this episode as Hayley Wood, Therapeutic Skin coach shares her insider tips on things you can do to fix this.


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Hayley Wood, Therapeutic Skin coach

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