ep.65 – Heavily Meditated with Caitlin Cady

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ep.65 – Heavily Meditated with Caitlin Cady

Caitlin Cady is the Author of Heavily Meditated: Your Down-To-Earth Guide To Learning Meditation and Getting High on Life.

After a decade long battle with Chronic Lyme Disease compounded by years of depression, anxiety, perfectionism, over-achievement, and eating disordered, Caitlin turned to meditation as a last resort, desperate to heal herself. As it turned out, meditation was the medicine that set Caitlin on a path to holistic wellness, happiness and freedom from Lyme Disease.

Now Caitlin Cady is on a mission to make meditation more accessible and help other get their daily does.

She has been called a ‘wellbeing whiz’ by Australian Yoga Journal and her positive perspectives and relatable, playful approach have inspired people across the globe to get lit up and live to their full potential.

ep.65 – Heavily Meditated with Caitlin Cady


– how to start a daily meditation practice

– how she involves her own kids into her meditation practice

– what inspired her to write a book

– how she found the time as a mama of three to write a book

– how she suffered the loss of her dearest beloved brother Pete

– things that helped her and still help her with the loss and grief of her brother Pete

Plus we talk about about

– Slowing Down

– Making Time For Yourself

– The Importance of connecting to yourself before everyone else


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