EP.72 – Self Care Rituals with Lyndall Mitchell, founder of Aurora Spa & ASPAR

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EP.72Self Care Rituals with Lyndall Mitchell, founder of Aurora Spa and ASPAR

Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of Aurora Spa a wellness focused spa and ASPAR product inspired by nature that infiltrate and calm the senses

Lyndall Mitchell is an Author, Wellness Entrepreneur and Accredited Coach who thrives in seeing her clients benefit from her wellness philosophies.

Aurora Spas are world leading urban spas, pioneers in the Australian spa industry, offering high performance, botanically active products and spa treatments that draw on decades of spa heritage and innovation.

She had a vision to create unique, restorative, high performance spa treatments that deliver the maximum results for clients.

Lyndall Mitchell shares “My vision for Aurora Spa is to create the space for clients to experience and integrate their own take on wellness, to help them be the best they can be.”

Lyndall’s vision for Aurora Spa remains the same today and filters into all aspects of the brand, from spas, to training, to seasonal Master Classes of Wellness, to Aurora’s spa product range – ASPAR.

Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of ASPAR. The ASPAR skincare range, a collection of 24 products was created initially for spa treatments and after much demand the range became available to the public.

Created with care and expertise by our expert therapists, the range draws on age old botanical wisdom, feedback from over 500,000 in spa experiences.

The ASPAR range is created with the purest extracts of botanically active ingredients. Each formulation has been created to deliver the maximum results for clients both in the spa and at home, whether that is to hydrate and nourish or to relax the mind and body.

Aurora Spas are located at the Prince Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne and the Qantas First Lounges in both Melbourne and Sydney. The ASPAR product range are available in spa, online and a selection of stockists around Australia.

In podcast episode 72 Lyndall Mitchell, founder of Aurora Spa and ASPAR shares:

– her personal spa and wellness journey

– her daily self care rituals

– how to create a spa day at home

– how to create a wellness retreat at home

– how to clear your busy over thinking mind

– how to slow down and feel less anxious, worried and stressed

– favourite Aurora spa treatments

– favourite Spa’s she has visited

– how she avoids burnout

– things you can do to avoid burnout

– rituals you can do to feel more at peace, calm grounded and connected from within

–  things she is now doing whilst being in Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

– the importance of our spa therapist’s

–  the importance of self care

Plus we talk about so much more


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