ep.70 – How to Fill Your Own Cup Up & Others with Emma Sullings, founder of Happy Boxes Project

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EP.70 – How to Fill Your Own Cup Back Up and others with Emma Sullings, founder of Happy Boxes Project

Some in our own backyard in Australia are going without basic toiletires.

Accessibility to simple items like deodorant, shampoo, soap prove challenging when the closest store can be up to 1000km away.

Some communities are at the end of 750km of harsh, red dirt roads.

Others can be cut off by flood waters for months at a time.

Some are only accessible via boat or plane.

Some communities may be lucky enough to have a small store, but the prices of basic items is exuberant.

19% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are living in unacceptable living standards due to overcrowded housing and structural faults.

The target released by the government in the recent Close the Gap Agreement is to ensure 88% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are living in housing of an acceptable standard by 2031.

Whilst this would be an improvement, it still will to be on par with non-indigenous people.

Meanwhile there is no mention of the cost of living in remote communities nor any plan to further subsidise basic groceries so that people can afford to shop for their families in their communities and at Happy Boxes Project they believe this is unacceptable.

So they now want to send as many Happy Boxes filled with Self Care products as possible.

To provide women, regardless of their location and situation, the enjoyment of life’s little luxuries that we regularly take for granted.

Matriarchs are the backbone of our communities, Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, Grandmothers, all trying to support their families in adverse circumstances, quite often pouring from an empty cup.

If just one Happy Box can fill one person’s cup then what Happy Box Projects do is worthwhile.

The Happy Boxes Project Aim to:

– Support the empowerment of women through alleviating the barrier of accessing basic needs

– Provide opportunities for women to build capacity for individual and community development; and

– Provide opportunities for women to share story and create connection to nurture positive mental health


Emma Sullings is the founder of the Happy Boxes Project, however she prefers to stay that the project ‘founder her’.

She spent five years working, living and learning in remote communities in the Northern Territory, Australia as a teacher, youth mentor, family educator and leader in trauma informed practice in the class room.

It was during this time that she realised how difficult it was to access basic needs such as food and toiletries.

She originally set out to gather donations for a youth wellbeing program that she ran, but as people learnt about the project (and the crazy price tags found in remote stores) she was completely bombarded with beautiful donations from all over Australia.

And so the Happy Boxes was born and started to spread happiness out to other remote communities in need.

It has now grown to support more than 25 communities, over four states.

Emma now chairs the Happy Boxes Project Board of Volunteers steering the ship and keeping up with the cray pace at which it is evolving.

Although at times juggling the Happy Boxes Project with work and being a new Mum comes with its challenges, when Emma hears about the happiness the project is creating, it is truly one her greatest pleasures.

If only everyone who has donated to the project could see for themselves just how it special it is.

In this episode.70  you can find out more about Emma Sulling’s – inspirational story and her ‘why’

– she start up HAPPY BOXES PROJECT charity

– her self care rituals as a busy working Mum

– what living in a Remote Community in Australia is actually like

– how to empower other women and young girls by sending a Happy Box to a Remote Community in Australia

Plus we talk all things from

Mental Health


Juggling Projects

How we can All Make a Difference

How we can all become real influencers


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