EP.73 – Trust In The Universe with Lucky, Founder of Body & Balm Co.

Welcome to Episode 73 of the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz

EP.73 –  Trust in The Universe with Lucky founder of Body & Balm Co.

Meet our Podcast Guest:

Lucky who is a new Mum and all she felt like she was doing was giving giving and giving.

When things go challenging, she felt physically and emotionally empty.  Lucky had forgotten what it was like to look after herself.

She than realised it was so important to be able to Love her body and to love herself.  To Treasure Yourself.

Being a new mother time is a precious commodity.  You are left with very little time for yourself.

You are just too busy looking after everyone else Except for you.

But when she was in Lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, she was having a shower and had run out of a scrub and it was in that moment the idea came from within that she should create a body scrub that would allow you to take care of your body and your mental wellbeing.

Even if it is for 30 seconds. She discovered if you let the water run, allow yourself to be still and breathe and let the essential oils work their magic and know that everything will be ok.

Bringing you back to who you are.

Lucky believes in the power of plants. It can uplift one’s soul and demeanour. It can make you feel centred, calm and grounded. It can heal you physically and emotionally.

In podcast episode 73 – Podcast Show Guest – Lucky founder of Body & Balm Co. shares

– what inspired her to start her own brand

– what her daily self care rituals are as a busy Mum

– what she is doing to help keep sane during one of the toughest Lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria Australia

– things that she is doing to prevent start up brand, business owner burnout

– something we could all do to help others in our community

plus we talk about all things from Mental Health, Body Image, Self Love, Social Media, choosing Love over Fear.

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