ep.74 – How to SEIZE THE YAY with Sarah Davidson, co-founder of Matcha Maiden, Author, Podcast Host

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EP.74 – HOW TO SEIZE YOUR YAY with Sarah Davidson, co-founder of Matcha Maiden, Podcast Host & Author of Seize The Yay.

Sarah Davidson is an Entrepreneur and co-founder of of Matcha Maiden, Sarah started her first business after suffering from a case of complete adrenal exhaustion.

As a young lawyer looking for a caffeine free fix to supplement her serious coffee habit, she ordered ten kilos of green tea from Japan without realising its sheer volume.

She then started up a side hustle to shift the nine kilos she didn’t need, and Matcha Maiden was born.

With no business experience or investment behind them, Sarah and her partner Nic Davidson built Matcha Maiden from scratch, followed by plant-based cafe Matcha Mylkbar and, later, the chart topping Seize the Yay Podcast.

Sarah Davidson is now the Author of Seize the Yay and in her book she shares with her readers practical tips and life advice to help you realise your own career and life dreams while staying grounded and well, Seize The Yay is your one-stop for achieving business success.

In this episode 74 our Podcast Guest

Sarah Davidson shares her:

– her start up story

– her brand new book – Seize The Yay and what her book title actually means

– her self care rituals

– why getting enough sleep is so important to her and her health

– things that she does to try to avoid burn out

– how she switches off from running a Global Business, being an Funtrepreneur, Podcast Host, Author

– things she has been doing since being in covid19 lock down

– how she found the time to write her Seize the Yay book

– tips on how to write a book

Plus so much more

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