EP.77 – In Praise of Veg and Self Care with Alice Zaslavsky 

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EP.77  In Praise of Veg and Self Care with Alice Zaslavsky 

Alice Zaslavsky  is a cook, food writer, active listener and broadcaster.

She is a regular fixture on television, radio and print, with a fresh, low-fuss approach to cooking, an educator’s eye, and a bright, inclusive tone that brings people into the kitchen and invites them to stay.

Her first book, Alice’s Food A-Z was the first cookbook to be given a notable gong by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Her second In Praise of Veg topped the best-selling cookbooks list before hitting the selves.

In Praise of Veg is a joyous, must-have companion for the modern kitchen packed with colour and inspiration.  For the vegetarian or simply veg-forward it offers boundless ideas to make vegetables the centre of the plate.

In Praise of Veg is 488 pages exquisitely photographed and illustrated, in hardcover. 150+ recipes with shortcuts, twists and flavour combinations.  75+ common and less common veg varieties. With Tips, tricks and quotes from top chefs around the world.

Alice co-hosts foodie radio talkback segments on ABC Radio Melbourne, Hobert and Perth.  She’s also the resident Culinary Correspondence on ABC News Breakfast, encouraging Australians to expand their cooking and eating horizons, from Chilli to Watermelon Ham.

A teacher at heart, Alice is an enthusiastic interviewer and host sharing stages and screens with some of the world’s most notable culinary names, always going where the conversation takes them. Nigella Lawson shares that “Alice Zaslavsky is a force of nature” which is proudly printed on the cover of In Praise of Veg also.

Alice also shares her thoughts, accessible recipes across, interviews with productions and value added and fun fresh exciting social media content on instagram @aliceinframes


In this episode 77 our Podcast Guest

Alice Zaslavsky shares:

– how her journey of being on Television and Radio unfolded

– what her self rituals are

– how important her support team is and those who surround her

– an easy meal we can all make at home when feeling time poor

– some positive things to come from COVID19

– what inspired her to write her brand new cook book – In Praise of Veg

– how she made time to write her cook book as a busy Mum, cook, writer, TV and Radio personality

– tips on writing your own book or dreams

Plus we talk about so much MORE of course – this episode is fun, refreshing, down to earth and real life talk

Grab a copy of Alice Zaslavsky brand new cook book – In Praise of Veg –


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Now that you have been given the low down on this week’s incredible podcast guest it is TIME to…….

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