EP.79  – Anxiety Relief Guidance with Tammi Kirkness

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EP.79 – Anxiety Relief Guidance with Tammi Kirkness

Tammi Kirkness is a Life Coach, founder of VisionScope Coaching, Wellness Expert and Author of The Panic Button Book – step by step guide to neutralise worry, overthinking and anxiety.

For as long as Tammi Kirkness can remember she has been an overthinker, over analyser and perfectionist.

She was always striving for results, feed off recognition and looked like she was blitzing life but meanwhile she was running on nervous energy and when she was single it was easy for her to hide her high-functioning anxiety but when she got into a relationship with a beautiful man whom she eventually moved in with and then married, hiding her anxiety and panic attacks was no longer possible.

She remembers the day when she had a panic attack and she couldn’t breath nor move her body and when she looked at her husband he looked terrified and she hated that.

A few weeks later when she was in a much calmer headspace she wrote down all of the scenarios that related to her anxiety and created a set of instructions that she could pick up if she felt panicky or worried and essentially she created The Panic Button Book as once she saw how much it helped her she knew she had to make it available for others.

Tammi Kirkness has had a curiosity with understanding people which is what inspired her study psychology, yoga, teaching, energy-based modalities and coaching.

She has studied in ashrams, at university, with monks in south of India, done a stint in the human resources arena and from there has converted this knowledge into running a thriving life coaching and corporate wellness practice.

In this episode 79 our Podcast Guest

Tammi Kirkness shares:

– her personal story

– what inspired her to write The Panic Button Book

– what it was like telling her husband, family and friends she was suffering with Anixety

– her self care rituals

– what it was like meditating with Monks in an Ashram in the South of Indian

– anxiety relief guidance

– anxiety relief tips

– how to stop comparing yourself

– a personal insight to what it’s like to live with worry, over thinking and anxiety and things we can do to feel better from within

Plus we talk about so much more of course

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