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I have handpicked especially for you books that you can Learn – How to Meditate, Cook with Veg, Get a Good Nights Sleep, Break Up with Toxic Friends, Neutralise worry, overthinking and anxiety – to name a few things from our #spaitgirl book club picks.

Heavily Meditate by Caitlin Cady

Learn How to Meditate and Get High on Life.  Heavily meditated covers everything you need to know to get hooked on Meditation for Good.

Presented in a Simply, Friendly Accessible Style that even the Busiest of Meditation Doubters can get down with.  The book clearly outlines

What meditation is, Five fundamental meditation techniques, Where, when & how to sit, How to Deal with Thoughts, Why Meditation is so damn good for you.

How to Measure your meditation practice, How to upgrade your practice from a habit to a ritual, Your Meditation Manifesto & your personalised Meditation Prescription.

Plus access to a suite of guided audio meditations to get you off on the right foot. Heavily Meditation is filled with exercises, worksheets, cheat sheets and other practical tools as well as relatable personal stories to light your way.

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The Panic Button by Tammi Kirkness 

When life throw us a curveball, we all need help with managing bouts of anxiety.  The Panic Button Book is a practical step-by-step guide to help you through those moments when you feel worried or panicky.

This book includes over 50 decision trees designed to neutralise anxiety, this book guides you through feelings of: Loss of control, worry, overthinking, restlessness, hypervigilance.

With special sections on relationships, parenting and social unease, The Panic Button Book captures day-to-day moments of worry and converts them into a sense of relief.


In Praise of Veg by Alice Zaslavsky 

A joyous, must have companion for the modern kitchen, packed with colour and inspiration. For the vegetarian or simply veg-forward boundless ideas to make vegetables the centre of the plate.

In Praise of Veg is 488 pages of exquisitely photographed and illustrated, in hardcover. 150+ recipes with shortcuts, twists and flavour combinations. 75+ common and less common veg varieties.

It includes tips, tricks and quotes from top chefs around the world.

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How to Break Up with Friends by Dr Hannah Korrel 

We all have that one friend, the one who expects the world, but never remembers your birthday.  The one who constantly ditches your dinner plans when you’re already halfway to the restaurant.

The one who leaves you feeling exhausted, used and completely emotionally drained. Why do we let these people into our lives? When their friendship is actually friends*t? How do we break up and dump crappy toxic friends?

In this book you can find out by Dr Hannah Korrel will teach you how to indentify the bad friends in your life and how to attract the best people in your life, along with how to become your own best friend.

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The Calm + Cosy Book of Sleep by Beth Wyatt 

Sleep is the ultimate act of self-care, yet the quest to get a good night’s rest is never ending.

In The Calm & Cozy Book of Sleep, sleep coach Beth Wyatt helps you get the sleep you need for a Healthy Life.

Discussing a multitude of fascinating sleep topics, from sleep basics to waking up in the morning.

Along with perfecting your sleep envirnoment, celebrating sleepiness, changing your relationship with your bed, practicing peaceful bedtime activities, sleeping with pets, using sleeping aids, napping, focusing on rest, managing anxiety and racing thoughts.

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