EP.81 – The Art of Self-Kindness with Dr Rebecca Ray, Clinical Psychologist

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EP.81 – The Art of Self-Kindness with Dr Rebecca Ray

Dr Rebecca Ray is a Pilot turned clinical psychologist  a Writer, Author, International Speaker, Intentional Business Mentor and Podcast Host.

In this podcast episode ep.81 we talk about her book The Art of Self-Kindness

Dr Rebecca Ray weaves together psychological science from her years as a Clinical Psychologist with plenty of honest and human truths. She openly shares that she has spent a lot of her life being caught up in the narrative of feeling not good enough. Conforming to society’s rules and norms. Choosing safe instead of brave. Guarded instead of worthy.

She lived a life through the lens of fear and judgement, when I should have looked within and believed in my own potential. I deviated. And I felt like a complete failure, however she shares that she is glad she failed her way to the life she now lives today.


In this episode 81 our Podcast Guest

Dr Rebecca Ray shares:

– her personal story

– what inspired her to write The Art of Self-Kindness

– her self-care rituals

– how to pivot and do what you want vs what other people want you to do

– how to set boundaries to avoid burn out

– learning to say NO and how to be OK with that

– how to stay true to yourself

– self love, kindness, compassion

– how to accept that at times you can’t do it all and that’s ok

Plus we talk about so much more of course…

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