ep.84 – Love Beyond Love with Dr J Vijayalakshami, Best Selling Author

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EP.84 – Love Beyond Love with Dr J Vijayalakshami 

Dr J Vijayalakshami with a doctorate in English Literature, J Vijayalakshami is an avid reader, a full-time teaching faculty at Marwadi University and also a full-fledged poet and author.

Dr J Vijayalakshami is the Author of five books; with the novel Quest for God (2015) the verse anthology Poems on the Eternal God (2016) her doctoral thesis entitled A Postmodernist Critique of the Select Works of Amitav Ghost (2017) and her collection of short stories, Black: The Book of Unfinished Tales (2019) she has revealed herself as a consistent writer with a flair for the real, the mundane and the ordinary.

Vijayalakshami is a gold medallist, university rank holder in postgraduate studies.  She is also an eminent toastmaster with a triple crown during 2016-2017.

She has also conducted various quiz programmes across India.  She has won laurels for her work in literature from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani.

She has recently won Udgam Women’s Achievers Awards for the year 2019 in the field of literature.

Her brand new book Love Beyond Love is about the very essence of life LOVE and attaining the supreme consciousness of AUM.  The search of the human soul for true love, whether it is momentary or transcendental, keeps the world moving.

The themes of love, feminism, search for the supreme consciousness and the futility of time and space brims with rich imagery and exuberant passion.

The question “Who am I”? as a social being and a spiritual source resonates unanswered in the entire realms of existence.

In this episode 84 our Podcast Guest

Dr J Vijayalakshamishares:

– her personal story

– what inspired her to start writing poetry

– what inspired here to start writing books

– what conciousness is and how can we find it

– what are some of her self care rituals

– what her latest book LOVE Beyond LOVE is all about

– how to find yourself in a world that now gives us access to pretty much everyone’s life from the clothes they wear, food they eat, car they drive, house they live in, holidays they go on

– tips for anyone who want’s to write their own book or embark on any project or idea they have always thought about but not gotten around to making happen yet

Plus we talk about so much more of course…


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