EP.89 – Face Workouts with Nadira V Persaud, Make Up Artist, Beauty Expert, Author

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EP.89 – Face Workouts with Nadira V Persaud, Make Up Artist, Beauty Expert, Author


Nadira V Persaud is a highly sought after International Make Up Artist and Beauty Expert recognised for her distinct signature style, vision and unique holistic approach to beauty.

Since training at the London College of Fashion in the early 90’s, Nadira tenaciously forged a varied career set on harmonising her creative and business strengths.

While building an enviable portfolio of work in TV, advertising, fashion, and beauty, for clients such as Vogue, GQ, Agent Provocateur, and Dolce and Gabana, Nadira has gained recognition for her beauty brand consultancy, as well as being a contributor to top glossy and industry magazines and online platforms.

In this episode 89 Nadira V Persaud shares more about her brand new book: Face Workouts for Beginners (Press Here!) and her philosophy which is all about enhancing natural beauty whilst focusing on lifestyle, to strike a balance between looking and feeling good.

Face Workouts for Beginners (Press Here!) offers age-defying results through a series of easy-to-follow pressure and massage techniques, which can be used as part of your daily skincare regime. Benefits of facial workouts are more than aesthetics; a daily workout can have remarkable results in the way you feel.

Nadira encourages us to focus on the feeling of each movement to identify problem areas or muscle tension in the face which can display deep lines, sagging skin, and an overall tired appearance.

Through the power of touch and focused breathing, these simple routines will help you feel more energized, de-stress, and maintain a toned and firm facial structure without the use of specialized equipment, whether you want to see a transformation immediately or over time.

The Press Here! series offers contemporary takes on traditional hands-on healing practices for a new generation of practitioners. Nadira talks more about other Press Here! topics that are also in her book like massage, reiki, reflexology, and acupressure.

Nadira is currently in lockdown in London and opens up about things that she is personally doing to feel good from within, to maintain a healthy balance. She also opens up about other health concerns that she is experiencing as a women who is undergoing the natural ageing process.

In this episode 89 our Podcast Guest

Nadira V Persaud, Make Up Artist, Beauty Expert, Author

– her personal story

– what inspired her to want to work in the Beauty Industry

– make up tips that anyone can do

– the do’s and don’ts of make up {is there any}

– what’s on beauty trend?

– how to enhance the facial features you have already got

– what her self care rituals are during lock down

– health concerns that she is discovering that arise as you naturally age

– what inspired her to write her book – Face Workouts for Beginners (Press Here!)

– what are Face Workouts and what benefits do they have on your skin

– join in to learn some Face Workouts that you can do at home to help with wrinkles, sagging skin, double chins and overall appearance of your skin

– we talk about the current beauty trends, fashion, body image and how to stay true to yourself in a world that is obsessed with one beauty, glamour and everything being

wrinkle free, bigger and bigger and more more more

– how to love yourself from the inside out

– how to accept yourself as you are

Plus we talk about so much more of course …..

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