EP.90 – iKOU Energise Your Life with Naomi Whitfeld, iKOU Founder

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EP.90 – iKOU Energise Your Life with Naomi Whitfeld, iKOU Founder

THE iKOU STORY:  Born from the journey of healing a stressed skin condition, founders Naomi & Paul Whitfeld’s quest for wellness led to a passion for combining innovative, botanical skincare with conscious home spa rituals to treat skin, mind and body as a whole.

Their inspiration for iKOU came in 2007 after a blissful spa treatment in Ubud, Bali that ended in a flower petal bath. “This is the moment that touched our lives forever and inspired us to create a brand that encourages daily rituals to bring the spa holiday feel into everyday life, creating moments to rest, relax, restore.”

From humble beginnings making products in their Blue Mountains kitchen, iKOU has flourished to become the international brand it is today, synonymous with a fusion of modern, organic skincare and ancient global spa rituals that transform the way you feel.

iKOU (ik-oo) Japanese verb; to rest, to relax, to restore.

The iKOU ethos was founded on the philosophy that skin is an outward reflection of health and emotions.  iKOU believe you get the best results when you treat body and mind as a whole, creating rituals to de-stress and relax, and nourish your skin with modern organic skincare.

iKOU is unique in both our ingredients formulation being based on organic and wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts, and their aromatherapy “Mind/ Body” holistic approach, and the DNA cold extraction process that keeps their ingredients so pure.

iKOU skincare encourages you to breathe, and brings you into the moment with the luxurious textures and essential oil aromas. When your skin feels good, you feel good, and Naomi Whitfeld, founder of iKOU shares “I want everyone who uses iKOU to feel fabulous”.

In this episode 90 our Podcast Guest

Naomi Whitfeld, iKOU Founder

– her personal story

– what inspired her to start iKOU an Organic Australian Brand

–  what her iKOU self care rituals are

–  what it was really like being a former eczema sufferer

– her favourite iKOU products and rituals

– her favourite iKOU spa treatment

– what inspired her to write her book iKOU Energise your life

– some of go-to recipes to nourish and restore from her book

– relaxation and stress management tips

– self care and wellness tools for life

– how to become our healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves

Plus we talk about so much more of course…..


iKOU book – Energise your life by Naomi Whitfeld *click here 

iKOU website www.ikou.com.au

iKOU instagram @ikouinspire



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