EP.92 – Higher Love with Jordanna Levin, Best Selling Author

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EP.92 – Higher Love with Jordanna Levin, Best Selling Author, Podcast Host 

Jordanna Levin is the bestselling author of Make it Happen and the host of three successful podcasts.  With a background in journalism, she has built a reputation for taking ‘big’ topics and making them relatable, digestible and downright entertaining.

She currently spends her time writing from the sunny coastal town in Byron Bay.  Her brand new book has now launched Higher Love and in this podcast show she shares more.

EP.92 – Jordanna Levin, Best Selling Author, Podcast Host shares:

– who inspired her spiritual path

– what her brand new book Higher Love is all about

– what her self care rituals are to avoid burn out

– if we are finding ourselves single how to approach this whole online dating thing

– best online dating apps to give a try and how many we should be on

– how to spot energy vampires

– online dating advice

Plus we talk about so much more of course…


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