EP.93 – EFF THIS! Meditation with Liza Kindred, Best Selling Author

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EP.93 – Eff This! Meditation – Tips for when you’re feeling anxious, stressed out, or overwhelmed.

Liza Kindred is the creator of Eff This Meditation: Spiritual Meditation and Self Love done differently.

Author of Eff This! Meditation and Calm Your Anxiety Journal.

She offers meditation, mindfulness and self love practices that are inclusive, radically compassionate and designed to be tested in the laboratory of your own life.

Liza Kindred operates from a place of deep respect for the foundational teachings of Buddhism.  She has been staying Buddhism, learning from renowned teachers and practicing meditation for over a decade.

Your probably haven’t met a Buddhist meditation teacher like Liza before: she swears a lot, calls bullshit on the wellness industrial complex, and had a storied career working in both fashion and technology.

When she talks about the dangers of hustle culture, she speaks from personal experience she grew a tech startup from two people to a multi-million dollar outfit, and has worked with clients like Microsoft, Bloomingdales, Amazon and VOGUE.

Liza has spent her career on the forefront, including twenty years working with technology and watching as it changed fashion, touched all aspects of our lives, and now, is creating a haze of capitalistic productisation in the world of meditation.

Despite great promise, Silicon Valley hasn’t saved the world and it is certaintly not going to lead anyone to enlightenment.

However, we live in a super-connected, always online world.  And so Liza teaches meditation and self love for the real world one of deadlines, competing priorities and well designed distractions.  She gets it.

The techniques and practices she teaches allow you to reconnect to the calm, peaceful, wise parts of yourself – even in today’s world.

She is the Author of EFF THIS! MEDITATION a practical guidebook for staying sane in the modern age, packed with 108 practices to use on your own path towards inner peace.

If you have always wanted to meditate but keep saying you don’t have time than you will love EFF THIS! MEDITATION because as in little as one minute you can relieve stress thanks to Liza Kindred.

EP.93 – Eff This! Meditation with Liza Kindred, Author, Meditation Teacher

– her personal story

– what inspired her to become a meditation teacher

– what inspired her to write EFF THIS! Meditation

– her self care rituals

– she takes us through a guided meditation and teaches us how to

– a gratitude practice to help with insomnia

– how to feel less anxious and overwhelmed

– how to practice self care when you don’t have time

– how to connect to your self

– how to be your true authentic self

– how to create a spa day at home

– what lock down is really like in USA at the moment

– a meditation ritual before you pop on your mask

– how to accept that we are still in a global pandemic

Plus we talk about so much more of course


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