EP.94 – Inner Spark with Kristin Vikjord, Clinical Psychologist, Author

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EP.94 – Inner Spark with Kristin Vikjord, Clinical Psychologist, Author 

Empowering You To Boost Your Inner Spark 

Finding Calm in a Stressful World 

Kristin Vikjord, lives in Norway with her two sons.  She works as a Clinical Psychologist and teaches healthcare professionals the application of yoga and mindfulness as complementary to conventional to therapy.

As co-founder of Delight Yoga, the Arctic Yoga Conference and the Inner Peace conference in Amsterdam and New York, she hosts a wealth of international speakers in locations around the world.

Kristin Vikjord is the Author of Inner Spark a self-help book and practical toolkit of exercises to help, find, regain and nurture your inner spark.  Deepak Chopra shares in a public book statement “Inner Spark is a book that will help you move through difficult times, and remind you of your own greatness”.

Drawing on her experiences as a Clinical Psychologist and yoga and mindfulness facilitator, Kristin combines these complimentary integrative therapies for a book that has the scientific mind of a pyschologist and the heart and soul of a yoga teacher.

In Inner Spark, Kristin offers eight ‘prescritptions for wellbeing’ including practical activities that match up the three sections of the book: normalization, clarification and agency.

She explains how pathways in the brain work, showing how, and crucially why, it’s important for anyone navigating a difficult time, physically or mentally, to have a tool kit for re-connection.

Kristin Vikjord has effectively harnessed the long Scandinavian winters to stoke her own inner spark and created this guide the will help readers embrace the challenges of modern life, from burnout to navigating new parenthood.

EP.94 – Inner Spark with Kristin Vikjord, Clinical Psychologist, Author *click here to listen on Apple Podcasts

– what inspired her to become a Clinical Psychologist

– what inspired her to write her first self help book Inner Spark

– what does Inner Spark mean and how can we find it

– things we can do to feel good from within – during the global pandemic, lockdown and winter

– her self care rituals

– what self love means

– how to adapt to change

– how hardship need not stand in the way of a good and happy life

– how we can feel more grounded and connected

– how to avoid burnout

– how to take care of yourself

Plus we talk about so much more of course….


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