EP.101 – Change Your Thinking To Change Your Life w/Kate James, Mindfulness Coach, Best-Selling Author

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Episode 101 – Change Your Thinking To Change Your Life with Kate James, Mindfulness Coach, Best-Selling Author 

Kate James is a life, business and leadership coach, best-selling author, Australian Mindfulness Teacher and Speaker.

She founded Total Balance in early 2002 and has been offering business, career, leadership and life coaching to leaders and creative and wellness business owners.

Her clients are people who want to develop self-awareness and confidence so that they can create their own version of a mindful and meaningful life.

Kate hosts corporate mindfulness workshops and mindfulness and self-compassion workshops for the general public.

Join 18 million global meditators on the Insight Timer meditation app to listen to Kate’s free guided meditations or take her ten-day personal development course, Build Self-Belief through Mindful Action.

Now in her brand new book: Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life, Kate introduces us to a range of techniques, based on her knowledge of mindfulness, positive psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, creativity and neuropsychology, that will help you clarify your goals, realise your purpose and discover your ideal life.

In Episode 101 – Podcast Guest, Kate James shares: *click here to listen on Apple Podcasts

– her personal story

– what inspired her to write her book – Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life {a practical guide to finding your purpose}

– what mindfulness is

– how we can apply mindfulness to our life

– what her self care rituals are

– Kate James also guides us through a mindfulness meditation practice

Plus we talk about so much more for course….

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