EP.142 – Hope is a Verb with Emily Ehlers, Author, Environmental Writer + Illustrator

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EP.142 – Hope is a Verb with Emily Ehlers, Author, Environmental Writer + Illustrator

Emily Ehlers is a Environmental writer, illustrator, speaker and nature lover whose upbeat Instagram feed @ecowithem_ focuses on arty activism (‘activism’).

Emily is best know for finding light in the heaviest of issues and inspiring people to do good things in the world.

She is currently completing a degree in Sustainable Development and International Aid.

When she is not sketching she is chasing her two children and husband around her backyard.

In this podcast episode 142Yvette Le Blowitz, Podcast Host sits down with Emily Ehlers to find out more about her new book Hope is a Verb – Six steps to radical optimism when the world seems broken published by Murdoch Books.

Hope is a Verb is a handbook for anyone freaked out about the state of the planet.  Emily shares a cheerful six-step process that reframes the current global mood as an invitation to a better future.

Be inspired to examine the stories you tell yourself, live in alignment with your values, realise your true agency and take both individual and collection action.

For those of us feeling adrift, Hope is a Verb points to a world of opportunity and promise.

In Podcast Episode 142

Emily Emily shares:

– a little bit about her self

– how her environmentalist writer + illustrator + Author journey unfolded

– what inspired her to write her very first book

– how to not lose hope and instead how to choose hope

– tips on how we can make a difference in our environment

– how to be a local legend

– how to Think Global Act Local

– how to make content that serves others

– how to be authentic when using social media

– her self-care tips

– how to avoid burnout when you are trying to do good things i the world

Plus so much more

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Podcast Guest

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