EP.152 – AURORA Spa & Bathhouse with founder, Lyndall Mitchell

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EP.152 – AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE with founder, Lyndall Mitchell

Lyndall Mitchell has been visiting the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia for many years to switch off and refuel and in 2022 she is now opening AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE at The Continental Sorrento that will be a retreat and a immersive sensory wellness experience.

Merging twenty-four years of wellbeing expertise with the latest evidence-based wellness, AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE will become Australia’s Next Level regenerative wellness destination.

AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE is your seaside retreat with therapeutic experiences that aim to deliver deeply restorative and high impact wellness outcomes.

Within a dramatic backdrop of contemporary design that transports you from the everyday to the extraordinary, you will find evidence-based remedies, ancient bathing traditions with a modern twist, meaningful spa rituals, the powerfully regenerative benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy and team that knows how to help you achieve peak wellness.

AURORA is a soothing space where wellness know-how wholehearted care and inspired design come together to offer your physical, mental and emotional nourishment.

Our approach considers your entire being, even taking it down to a cellular level to initiate transformative results.

Find your tailored remedy to counterbalance the depleting effects of our evermore demanding lifestyles so you can live with greater connection, capacity and vitality.


Lyndall Mitchell is the founder of ASPAR, botanically active skincare created by the Award Winning Aurora Spa. EST 1997.  Official Skincare Partner of QANTAS.

ASPAR is a range of botanically active skincare products, created by the award-winning Aurora Spa, and is the official skincare partner of QANTAS.

All ASPAR products are made in-spa and botanically active to ensure that the perfect blend of science and nature work in harmony for beautiful skin.

They are especially designed for our guests to retreat, regenerate and re-create the Aurora Spa & Bathhouse experience at home.

Yvette Le Blowitz Podcast Host sits down with Lyndall Mitchell to find out more about the AURORA Sea Change and AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE opening in 2022 at The Continental Sorrento.

In Podcast Episode 152

Lyndall Mitchell shares:

– a little bit about herself

– the AURORA sea change


– how she is managing her time

– how she is avoiding burn out

– what some of her self-care rituals are

Plus so much more 

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