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Yvette  Le Blowitz is the founder of Spa it Girl, one of the World’s Top Luxury Spa Travel Reviewers, Writers, Bloggers.  Asia Spa Awards Judge for Asia Spa Magazine, IT GIRL of the Global Spa Industry.  Top 1* Spa Blogger + Influencer.

Top Global Wellness Blogger + Influencer. Awarded and named in 2017 as one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers.

Yvette Le Blowitz is a Global Spa & Wellness Blogger, Motivational Self Help Speaker, Wellness Coach, Qualified & Registered Fitness Australia Personal Trainer, Fitness & Gym Instructor.  

Yvette Le Blowitz is a Kind, Loving, Caring Soul who loves to give more than she gets and who loves to inspire others to feel good and to their live dreams.   

Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl is your GO TO GIRL for Wellness, Health, Fitness, Positive Inspiration and Motivation.

Yvette Le Blowitz is the founder of Spa it Girl a blog site and Global Community that shares feel good inspiring Health and Wellness things that is curated by her along with a very small team of Health, Wellness, Fitness, Spa, Activewear Experts and Junkies some of the best in the Industry.

Spa it Girl handpicks the Very Best Spa, Wellness Destinations from Around the World along with the Best Activewear, Lifestyle and Wellness Things on offer – Yvette Le Blowitz only Features Spa and Wellness things she truly loves and believes in.

Yvette Le Blowitz started her Health, Wellness, Spiritual, Spa Travel blogging and writing career at Spa it Girl blogspot which is one very colourful beautiful feel good space that you have to check out if you have never seen her original work and from little things big things have truly grown and now Yvette Le Blowitz is the Founder of Spa it Girl www.spaitgirl.com and plus leading the social media movement of connecting Spa & Wellness Junkies worldwide and encourages everyone to use the hashtag #IAMASPAITGIRL to share their Spa it Girl moments as well.

Yvette Le Blowitz shares non stop positivity and empowering messages for those to Believe in themselves and to love themselves no matter what Shape, Size, or Fitness Level they are. She believes everyone is beautiful and that true beauty comes from within, through a loving heart and soul.

As one of Australia’s Leading Spa and Wellness Blogger she loves to give more than she gets and lends her down to earth Aussie Blogging hand each year to Charities such as R U OK DAY? and so many more and Spa it Girl encourages all Spa, Wellness Bloggers and readers from around the world to share their own Spa it Girl Inspiration by using the hashtag #IAMASPAITGIRL so everyone can be part of their Amazing Spa it Girl way of life and journey.

If you would love to Collaborate with Spa it Girl then send us an email and your proposal to: info@spaitgirl.com – we are always interested to hear about anything exciting to do with Health, Wellness, Spa, Active Living, Lifestyle Destinations and things and from there we will carefully review your proposal.


Here is Yvette’s personal message for you:

I want you to live your most Healthiest, Happiest, Positive, Kind, Active Wellness Life.

A Spa it girl is one who is kind to herself and other’s as well, nourish’s herself from the inside out, who chooses to be healthy, active and positive daily despite the world’s many temptations. I believe life is such a gift and it doesn’t last forever so it’s important to treasure each and every moment and to be grateful for who you are and what you are, to be present, to breathe and to do the things you truly love.

I have travelled the world exploring luxurious day spa’s and amazing luxury spa destinations and it incredible to be living my dream and passion.  Living my passion’s has been and will continue to be an absolute dream come true.  I believe anyone can do what they LOVE but the first step to doing what you LOVE is getting to know yourself and finding out what you LOVE most.

I love practicing Yoga and Meditation daily and being active. I love to support and eat natural fresh farmed Aussie and kiwi food, the more natural the better.   I spend each day trying to be as positive as I can – sending out positive vibes to the world whenever I can.  I love learning something new each day as it keeps me excited in life and helps me to continually grow.  I love to share my love, light and positivity with my Spa it girl blog readers worldwide and those I meet along the way throughout my journey in life.  I blog and contribute only about feel good, happy, positive, wellness, kind, healthy, active things and it’s so amazing to think now I have other talented Spa it Girl Reviewers both in Australia and World wide that contribute also to Spa it Girl.

As an Australian Wellness Blogger – I like to give back each year and I lend my Aussie Blogging hand to Australian charities such as Feb Fast a Detox from alcohol in the month of Feb to help young people struggling with substance abuse and addictions. Liptember in September for women’s mental health issues, along with R U OK Day? which is about starting a conversation to see if your family and friends are doing ok when it comes to their wellbeing and mental health, plus a whole lot more that goes unnoticed.  I love helping people to find a way to escape and to manage to their stress levels through healthy living.

The Spa it Girl Blog was created as a little random act of kindness to help others feel good on the inside. I have always believed that visiting a Luxury Day Spa and having Spa Therapy makes you feel good, body, mind and spirit so I wanted to share this amazing healing with others so they could feel well too.  I think visiting a Luxury Day Spa is the best thing anyone could ever do for their Health and Wellbeing.

“All I want is for you to Be Happy and for you to LOVE your life so much that you never want it ever to come to an end” Spa it girl xoxo

“Never Fear your own abilities, believe in yourself – you can do anything” Spa it girl xoxo

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