Active Living

Being a Spa it Girl is all about Feeling Good on the inside and out.  It doesn’t matter what shape, size or fitness level you are it’s all about feeling good on the inside out and becoming your best Happiest and Healthiest Spiritual Kind Loving Self.

As part of my day to day Active Living these are some of the things I truly love to do: Yoga, Walking, Being Active, Being Healthy, Being Kind, Being by the Water, At the Beach, Visiting Luxury Day Spa’s, Meditation, Happy Holiday’s, Spa Travel, Spending Time with my Beautiful Family & Friends, Spa it girl’s worldwide, very cute dogs yes including {Boo}, very cool sunglasses, Feel Good Music, Books, Magazines, Movies & TV, Spiritual people, Natural Skincare, Activewear, Natural Beauty, Makeup Free Days, Eating Fresh Raspberries, Having Fun, Health Retreats, Inspiring, Happy and Kind people and my list goes on and on..…now ask yourself what are the things you LOVE and make a list :-)