FITNESS – I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Gym Instructor with Fitness Australia, plus Qualified Les Mills International Trainer.

I become an Aerobics Instructor straight out of High School when cassettes were in and walk mans were cool.  I have been in Fitness Industry for 2 decades – yep 20 years.

I’ve been into Fitness pretty much all my life until one point in my life when everything went pear shape and I turned to comfort eating instead of hitting the gym and it saw me put on 25K+ of weight.  Through this life experience I can now resonate and relate to others struggling to lose weight.

Up until such a point in time even though I was a Qualified Personal Trainer I didn’t really have a clue as I was always naturally so young & fit.

I now love inspiring other Spa it Girl’s to Be Active, Mix Up their Workouts and Socialise with others whenever they can.

I am now a dedicated Yogini and Love Practicing Yoga whenever I can and now whenever I go on a Holiday it must have not only a Spa on Site, but also they have to offer Yoga Classes to.