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Yvette  Le Blowitz is the founder of Spa it Girl, one of the World’s Top Luxury Spa Travel Experts.

She is the IT GIRL of the Spa Industry and the girl who had a dream to travel the World reviewing Luxury Spa’s and Spa Resort’s and sharing the experience with others into a reality.

Yvette Le Blowitz has been visiting Spa’s for over 20+ years and Creating Media Content on all things SPA, Travel and Lifestyle for 10+ years but who is counting.

Appointed as an Worldwide Luxury Spa Travel Judge she is Recognised as one of the Leading Spa Reviewers, Bloggers, Influencer’s a Luxury Spa Travel Content Creator and Expert.

Yvette Le Blowitz is a Spa Consultant and loves helping Spa’s become their own best, unique and authentic spa and she loves spending time mentoring and nourishing the spa therapist and all spa staff and building strong positive supportive team and spa operational environment.

Yvette Le Blowitz has been reviewing Luxury Spa’s and Spa Hotel’s, Resorts, Retreats, Skincare, Lifestyle Brands and Products for 10+ years.

After falling in love with visiting the SPA she also went on to study and become a trained SPA Therapist focusing heavily on the Relaxation Massage and Facial side of things two of the main treatments she personally loves to experience when visiting the spa also.

Spa it Girl was Awarded and named in 2017 as one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers. Spa it Girl has been named one of the Top 5 Blog Sites on Spa Trends in the US by and she is has now launched the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show Podcast and in 2019 it has been named one of the World’s Top Self Care Podcast shows on iTunes, Apple, Google, Player FM.

Spa it Girl was created out of Australia however the humble down to earth Aussie Spa Blog by Yvette Le Blowitz has now grown internationally and Spa it Girl now has an appointed number of Spa, Wellness, Travel Lifestyle Expert Contributor’s based in NYC, LA, Hong Kong and London too.

Yvette Le Blowitz is a Motivational Speaker, a Travel Presenter, Author of It Starts With Me and Host of the Spa it Girl Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz Podcast on iTunes.

Yvette Le Blowitz is recognised as The Original Spa Blogger a.k.a Spa it Girl who now inspires others girls and women to live their own authentic dreams and to become their own best version by practicing self care and yes visiting the SPA or going on a Spa Holiday or Vacation whenever they can.

Yvette Le Blowitz has built an online following of over 100K+ from creating daily content over a 10 year period across all social media streams and platforms and she now offers brands the ability to have a voice and unique personal authentic presence that is unlike anyone else on social media.  As when she creates content it comes from within her own heart and soul and this is something she is very proud of as a true creative living in this online world.

Yvette Le Blowitz has now founded @Spaitgirlmedia  which is a one stop for any brand wanting social media content creation service that relates to Spa, Wellness, Spa Travel , Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Skincare and feel good things. You can arrange to work with her by sending an email to:

She also help’s start up and exisiting brands and founders, spa owners, spa managers to become their own brand influencer and teaches people how to create simple but effective social media.

Yvette Le Blowitz is the Author of IT STARTS WITH MEFeel Good Within and Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self – available to buy on-line now via and Balboa Press plus Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Booktopia, Dymocks and all good book stores.

All of us deserve to be happy, healthy, and to live our authentic dreams. The good news is that we have the power to feel good within–a key component in realizing a fulfilled life.

Yvette Le Blowitz, a wellness blogger and founder of Spa it Girl, takes happiness seekers on a twenty-one-day journey that encourages an inward focus, allows a connection with the true self, and provides a gentle reminder about the importance of self-care in attaining a balanced and healthy life.

Through her personal stories and proven tips, she guides others through a simple roadmap that teaches how to meditate, set clear daily intentions, exercise, eat mindfully, live a life of kindness, sleep restfully, and make time to just be. Included is a self-assessment with introspective questions that invite a look within to assess feelings. It Starts with Me shares succinct guidance that will motivate anyone interested in transforming their thinking and lifestyle to realize a healthy, fulfilled, and authentic existence. Buy your Copy Today by Simply *clicking here

Yvette Le Blowitz is also a trained Wellness Coach and a Qualified and Registered Fitness Australia Personal Trainer, Fitness & Gym Instructor.  

She is Down to Earth Aussie Girl who is on a Mission to Help others Feel Good From Within. To help them overcome adversity and challenging times in their life.

She is simply on a mission to help others and to make a real difference to other people’s live and feel’s that life is all about giving more than you get.

She loves practicing gratitude daily and helps to teach others to do the same.

Spa it Girl handpicks a selection of the very Best Spa and Wellness Destinations from Around the World along with things that truly inspire Yvette Le Blowitz and team of contributors.

Yvette Le Blowitz started her blogging and writing career before Facebook was really a big thing and this is one of her early blog sites of many that she created  Spa it Girl blogspot well before instagram was the biggest blogging app and thing.

When her written blogs received over 850K+ views that was the point in time that she decided it was best that she actually got herself a proper platform and that’s when she founded Spa it Girl and just like the song goes “From little things big things grow”

Spa it Girl is more than a Spa, Travel, Wellness blog site it is also a Global Spa, Self Care, Travel #SPAITGIRL Community.

Spa it Girl readers, followers and fans can now use our social hashtags of #SPAITGIRL and #iamaspaitgirl to share and to connect to other like minded Spa it Girl’s too with #SPAITGIRL hashtag being used over 10k times already online via instagram social media.

Yvette Le Blowitz loves to actively share empowering message to always Believe in yourself no matter what and she reminds her readers and followers that they are way more than their Body Shape, Size and they are beautiful just the way they are as beauty starts from within and by having a kind loving heart.

Each year she lends her Aussie Blogging hand to Charities such as R U OK DAY?  and so many more as she truly believes in giving back and helping others who are going through a tough time.

Yvette Le Blowitz has now launched a podcast show on iTunes #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz with the Motivational Talks or Interviews sharing words of wisdom which she hopes will be of great interest and which will help you become your own best version and she invite’s you to join her and tune in weekly  *Click here to subscribe

#SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz on iTunes Podcast

If you would love to Collaborate with Spa it Girl then send an email to: we can’t wait to hear all about you.


Here is Yvette’s personal message for you:

I want you to live your Happiest, Healthiest Life and to Feel Good From Within.

A Spa it girl is one who is kind to herself and other’s as well, nourish’s herself from the inside out, who chooses to be healthy, active and positive daily despite the world’s many temptations. I believe life is such a gift and it doesn’t last forever so it’s important to treasure each and every moment and to be grateful for who you are and what you are, to be present, to breathe and to do the things you truly love.

I have travelled the world visiting luxury day spa’s and spa wellness destination’s this was my dream and passion and it came from within.  I created the life I wanted even when there was no such thing or job that actually existed.

I believe that if you have a passion and it comes from within you too have the power to create the life you want through self belief.  Along my journey I have received so many No’s and Rejections but that never stopped me in believing in myself and pushing on.

Only you know how you feel from within so as long as you connect to your own truth you can live the life you truly want.

I love practicing Yoga and Meditation and being active and kind.

I love to support and eat natural fresh farmed Aussie and kiwi food, the more natural the better.

I spend each day trying to be as positive as I can – sending out positive vibes to the world whenever I can.  I love learning something new each day as it keeps me excited in life and helps me to continually grow.

I love to share my love, light and positivity with my Spa it girl readers worldwide.

I blog and contribute only about feel good, happy and positive spa and wellness lifestyle things always have and always will.

My Spa it Girl Blog was created as a little random act of kindness to help others feel good on the inside.

I believe that visiting a Day Spa and having receiving Spa Therapy makes you feel good from within, Body, Mind and Spirit so I wanted to share this amazing feeling and healing with others too so they could feel relaxed and at peace from within.

I believe everything starts from within Health, Happiness, Peace, Joy, Skincare you name it.


“All I want is for you to Be Happy and for you to LOVE your life so much that you never want it ever to come to an end” Spa it girl xoxo

“Never Fear your own abilities, believe in yourself – you can do anything” Spa it girl xoxo

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