Spa it Girl Contributors

Spa it Girl is considered as one of the Top 5 On-Line Sites on Spa Trends and with that in Mind we have Spa it Girl Contributors from Hong Kong to New York to Sydney plus more and Globally so we can stay on top of what the Global Spa & Wellness Current Trends are and we are also naming what the emerging trends are.

Spa it Girl Contributors are so passionate about the Spa & Wellness Industry and are experts in their fields.  They are also kind, compassion, light workers and creative souls, who love to write, review, connect socially in an effort to inspire and help others to feel good within just like Yvette Le Blowitz the Founder of Spa it Girl.

Yvette Le Blowitz , Founder of Spa it Girl which is an on-line blog site and Global Community shares feel good Health Wellness, Spa and Lifestyle things that is curated, written, reviewed by her alongside a very small team of Health, Wellness, Fitness, Spa, Activewear Experts and Contributors she works with some in the best in the Industry and everything that is created on Spa it Girl comes from the soul.

Spa it Girl also have their very own Spa it Girl Blog Readers who also visit Spa’s and Spa Destinations worldwide as a result they also share their own personal views, insider tips, and are always keeping Spa it Girl update to date on what they really think also.  Spa it Girl is truly a Global Community that continues to grow and grow.

Spa it Girl has created a social hashtag #iamaspaitgirl so Spa it Girl Blog Readers, Followers and Fan’s can share their very own Spa it Girl Inspiration.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl loves how much Spa it Girl is growing which is beyond her wildest dreams – so a very big thanks your Love, Light and Spa it Girl Global Support it truly means the world to Spa it Girl.