Spa it Girl Q&A with Diane Younes, Founder of Sponge

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Sponge is Hong Kong’s Best Mobile Beauty Service, how do we know?

Because we had our SPA IT GIRL HONG KONG Janice Ng try, test and review Sponge and this is what Janice Ng had to say:

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“From the Menu I choose to have The Believer which is an Eyelash Extensions and you get between 70 to 90 lashes per eye, it takes roughly 75 minutes and it only costs 1300HK which I thought was really good value especially because Sponge came to my home”

“My Sponge Expert was Audrey who was so Wonderful, I really felt pampered with Sponge thanks to Audrey.  I loved the end result so much after The Believer – eyelash extensions beauty service with Sponge”

“As a Trainer at H-Core, I love now how after having The Believer: Eyelash Extensions by Sponge I can workout with them on and I no longer need to worry about putting mascara on or having it run.   It’s absolutely amazing”.

“I think Sponge is perfect for Mums in Hong Kong because it’s a to your door service, I can’t stop raving about how amazing Sponge is and I think it’s also great for expat Mums also especially if you are unsure of what Hairdresser, Make Up Artist to go with”.

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“I think Sponge is perfect for anyone in Hong Kong because it saves time and you can get your Beauty Services done in the convience of your own home and it makes you feel great”

“I can’t wait to book in for another Sponge Mobile Beauty Service in Hong Kong it was really that good”  SPA IT GIRL HONG KONG Janice Ng

SPA IT GIRL HONG KONG Janice Ng truly shared what she thought we love our SPA IT GIRL HONG KONG team.

As you can imagine when our Founder Yvette Le Blowitz found out from SPA IT GIRL HONG KONG Janice Ng how amazing Sponge was she had to go one step further to find out about the Founder behind this feel good Hong Kong Mobile Beauty Service.

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photo credit: Michelle Proctor

In an Exclusive Spa it Girl Q&A Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl catches up with Diane Younes, founder of Sponge to find out what inspired this #GIRLBOSS to start up Sponge now one of Hong Kong’s Most Feel Good Beauty and Lifestyle Service.

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