I had a Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy & Energy Healing Spa Treatment at Tournesol Wellness in NYC

Erica Dunn, Spa it Girl NYC contributor had a Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy & Energy Healing Spa Treatment at Tournesol Wellness in NYC and gives us the low down on what it was really like. 

Tournesol Wellness is an integrative medical and healing arts practice specialising in Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy & Energy Healing.

Founded by the amazing Carey Davidson, Tournesol is one of the only locations on the East Coast that offer VAT which is used to treat many physical and psychological afflictions.

VAT sends vibrations via MP3s that are transduced through conductors embedded in a water be to the cells affected, guided intuitively by what you are experiencing at that very moment.

This work is said to help you bring you back to your natural state of peace and well-being while promoting the formation of new neural pathways, enabling you to shift old patterns and heal. Carey chooses Vibroacoustic frequencies and music that address the issues indicated. I have never experience anything like this before and opened my mind up to a new type of sound therapy.

What Spa Treatment I had: Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy & Energy Healing

What I thought about the Spa: When I first walked into Tournesol Wellness, I was greeted by a woman at the front desk and asked to fill out a form regarding my health with questions about what I would like to work on during my session. It was very organized and professional from start to finish. After about waiting 10 minutes, I was brought to my treatment room upstairs which was lovely. The mechanics of the sound therapy used almost looked like a DJ booth that was designed to create a custom sequence for my treatment. The combination of the sound healing and vibrations from the water bed immediately put me into a state of relaxation.

What’s the Vibe Like? The space is extremely relaxing and the rooms are very comfortable. I laid down on a water bed that is essentially vibrating in a specific sequence that was created for my healing process based on the questionnaire I filled out at the beginning of the session. At first it feels a bit awkward but then I sank into the bed and fell into a complete state of relaxation.

After being asked an additional series of questions while I laid on the water bed, Carey kindly began to do energy work, sharing ailments that she intuitively felt. She continued to speak with me during the session to identify root causes of areas of concerns through intuitive hits that came up.

Carey is sensitive to the subtle cues and communication providing verbal and energetic support as needed which was very comforting. For about 20 minutes I was left alone in the room to just soak up the vibrations and enjoy.

How did this Spa Treatment Make You Feel? I felt incredible during the session which last throughout the rest of the afternoon and am still feeling the affects this morning. I feel awake, energized, balanced and at peace. I was told the impact of the session is usually long lasting, typically between two to ten days and the body receives deep relaxation similar to a full nights sleep.

Would you recommend this Spa Treatment to other Spa it Girls in NYC? I would absolutely recommend this treatment for anyone who is looking to restore and experience deep relaxation. I left Tournesol Wellness floating down the streets of New York.

What does it cost? Prices range from $100 – $500 depending on the duration of time you’re on the bed and how much energy work you wish to do with Carey.
It’s an incredible and unique healing experience with amazing long lasting benefits and hope to be back again soon!

What about it’s Location? Tournesol Wellness is conveniently located in Murray Hill on a quiet block. Tournesol Wellness: 26 East 36th Street between Madison and Park Avenues in the Murray Hil on a quite block of New York City. Just a quick walk or train from Union Square.

*Spa it Girl Review by: Erica Dunn, Spa it Girl NYC contributor

Tournesol Wellness: www.tournesolwellness.com