Tone Your Body at SLT in New York City

Erica Joy Dunn, Spa it Girl Contributor – Breaks a Sweat an even get’s Wobbly Legs all from working out at SLT – New York’s Top Megaformer Workout Studio however she proves that first timers can do Megaformer Class at SLT and here is the low down on how:

SLT stands for Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone.  It’s a 50 minute total body workout done on a Megaformer created to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles.

I visited the SLT studio in Flatiron, right on 5th Avenue, just up a flight of stairs it’s so convenient, they have other locations in NY, Brooklyn and they have just opened a location in Williamsburg.

Right on the wall when you walk in to SLT, it says, “better sore than sorry” and at that point I knew I was in for a real treat.

It was my first time at SLT, so I made sure I arrived 15 minutes early to change and then familiarise myself with the Megaformer machine.

A megaformer has lots of springs and straps and when I first looked at the machine I felt so confused. Until my SLT instructor walked me through how to use the megafomer in every detail and then I got it.

The Entire SLT class was done on a machine all of the moves had names and throughout the class I was able to pick up on the different moves.

The SLT instructors me up on a machine in the middle with regulars to each of my sides so that I can easily follow along, as it was my first time in the class I found this to be of so much help.

The focus in Soho…is so real. 📷: @jesslynnfitness

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Working out on a Megaformer is awesome because you are able to change the amount of resistance using the springs on the slider so I found that it didn’t matter that I was brand new because you can still work at your own level.

The megaformers are picked as your arrive to class so I would suggest arrive a few minutes early especially if you are a newbie so you too can get a comfortable spot in the middle.

Throughout the class, the instructor was very attentive and explained each move while demonstrating. She would also come over adjust me and these slight adjustments made all the difference in the world.

My entire body was working very hard. We did a series of moves on the right side of the body and then abs, followed by the left side of the body. The class was very fluid and easy to follow along even as a first timer.

The transition between the moves and switching the springs to add or remove resistance is something I know will only get easier and smoother with practice.

During my workout I could actually feel what SLT stands for because all of those three things – strengthen, lengthen, tone was happening in my Body and I was pouring sweat and had wobbly legs.

I have heard Amanda Freeman, owner of SLT describe it as “pilates on crack” and yes, this is absolutely true – I kid you not, it’s by no means an easy workout but if you want to get in shape, feel the burn, tone up, strengthen your core – then it’s totally work it.

The Morning After I am definitely feeling a little sore – especially in the legs. I felt it going up the subways stairs in my quads and gluteus muscles. After doing my very first SLT class in New York City I think might just do some stretching and yoga.

I now to plan to include SLT into my regular workout routine! after just one class I could feel how I had worked my entire body, like never before.

Words to live by 🙏

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SLT is always being named as one of New York Cities Best Workout Classes and after visiting, I now know why.

To find your nearest SLT Studio visit:

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Review By: Erica Joy Dunn, Spa it Girl NYC Contributor