I did a Barre Tone Class at Barre Body in Sydney CBD

I did a Barre Tone Class at Barre Body in Sydney CBD and I loved it so much that I had to share it with you:

What is a Barre Tone Class? a core-focused class that integrates pilates principles and exercises with barre work and hand weights to tone and shape your body.

What is the Studio Like? The Barre Body Sydney CBD Studio is Simply beautiful. When walking into the studio you are greeted with floor-to-ceiling arched windows, art deco features and soaring high ceilings.  It’s such a pretty open elegant space that it definitely makes you feel like you have turned up to be a ballerina on the bar. I loved how even on a cold winter’s day in Sydney I could still see the sun beaming in.   The Change room is so girly I loved it too. You get to put your bag in a square box, changed and then off you go to do your class.

What was the class like: Amazing thanks to Monica who was my Barre Tone teacher at Barre Body in Sydney CBD.  It was the first time for me working out at this Barre Body location and doing one of their Barre Tone classes however Monica made me feel so welcomed and went through everything I needed to know before the class started with I loved.

The Barre Tone class included a bit of everything from pilates, barre and even a little guided meditation at the end. I got to use the bar and did everything from lunges while squeezing one of their barre body balls, I even got to use little 1 kilo hand weights, everything I did throughout the class was controlled so it really did focus on the core.

The floor work I did was great as it wasn’t to rushed and everything was done with ease, control and precision which I really loved I could definitely feel it but in a good way.  Monica really focussed on our teaching us form and how to do the moves properly but it was still so much fun, and she had me smiling even when my muscles were burning.

Happy #Spaitgirl #Selflove #Sunday. I did a #barre tone class today @barrebody in #Sydney City & it was the most Amazing #Studio I have ever seen my #barre Teacher Monica & she was amazing it was my first time working out at this Studio & I totally loved it, it combined a bit of everything Pilates, Barre & even a little guided meditation at the end!! I could feel my muscles burning but at the same time I couldn't stop smiling the class atmosphere was so supportive, fun & I definitely didn't feel like the new girl in the class!! I'm writing a full review for Spa it Girl @spaitgirl & can't wait to share with everyone globally! As it's a must try for every #Activeitgirl @Activeitgirl & #Spaitgirl when in Sydney!! Australia!! @barrebody is Sydney's Best Workout Studio! ❤️ Yvette #barre #happy #smile #loveit #fitspo #fitness #beautiful #healthyliving #fitfam #cute #cool #selflove #exercise #workout #cardio #activelife #active #wellness #activeliving #fblogger #iggashion #activefashion #activelife #positive

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I loved the class environment it was so supportive and lots of fun.

I definitely didn’t feel out of place, all of the girls that I was surrounded with were so welcoming and I had the best catch up girly chats before the class and afterwards also and it was just so lovely and social.

I left the class feeling so happy and I was on a total Barre Body high.  I felt so good inside.

How to Find Barre Body Sydney CBD: it’s located in the St James Trust building opposite Hyde Park (above Bambini Trust) at 160 Castlereigh Street. The studio is easy walking distance from St James, Martin Place, Museum and Town Hall stations and only one block from Westfield Sydney shopping centre in the CBD.

Final Thoughts:  When in Sydney you have to try a workout at the Barre Body, Sydney CBD studio! It’s a Must. 

How to Book a Class at Barre Body: visit www.barrebody.com.au

Love From Australia
Yvette xoxo

Review By: Yvette Le Blowitz

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