I worked out at The Rope NYC with Amanda Kloots

The Rope NYC is NYC’s coolest workout studio and class to do when in New York City founded by Amanda Kloots.

Amanda Kloots is an Awe Inspiring #GIRLBOSS #WONDERWOMEN Inspiration who is bursting with so much Feel Good Energy that it’s contagious.

You only have to look at Amanda Kloots beautiful smile or anything she does or posts and you will instantly feel good from within.

Amanda Kloots is definitely a positive feel good mood changer and Spa it Girl absolutely adores her.

Spa it Girl Contributor {NYC} Erica Joy Dunn got to workout with Amanda Kloots at The Rope NYC in New York City and she gives us the low down on what it was like and how it made her feel:

The Rope with Amanda Kloots is a full body workout and the only piece of equipment used is a jump rope! Pretty awesome, right?

The Rope takes place at Bandier in Studio B. I have been to this space before to take The Class with Taryn Toomey so I knew exactly what to expect. I got there a little earlier to shop at Bandier since they have the best workout clothes in the city.

A few minutes before class, I headed upstairs to Studio B where there was a line of ladies waiting to get into class. I knew I was in for a treat. The previous class was just wrapping up so I was able to get a little sneak peak into Amanda’s class.

Just a little background on Amanda Kloots – she is a broadway dance, former Radio City Rockette and head trainer at Body By Simone.

She developed the jump rope method and fell in love with the workout as she discovered that it’s the quickest, most effective way to get a full body workout. She uses this one piece of equipment for much more than just jumping rope.

Class is ready to begin! It’s a mad rush of people exiting and entering the studio so I just follow along with the class. The first thing every does is grab a mat and pick their spot in front of the mirror and grab a jump rope hanging on the wall. This isn’t your old school, basic jump rope.

The class was packed so make sure to get there a few minutes early to grab your spot! These are Reebok adjustable jump ropes to fit your height. Kloots gave us clear instructions on how to adjust our mats and ropes and it’s game time.

Class kicks off with a minute of jumping rope (which is something I haven’t done in probably 15 years!). And then we shift to plank and repeat! Very quickly my heart was beating out of my chest but Amanda was so energetic and connect with the class, it was contagious.

Standing abs plus cardio with The Rope! Class tonight @6:30pm @studiob_nyc #jumpskipsmile #amandak #therope

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This calorie crushing workout was non stop and the music was amazing. It’s a perfect mix of dance and cross training. We did quite a bit of fancy foot work and at some point I looked in the mirror and had a huge smile on my face and so did everyone else around me.

I was having SO MUCH FUN! We did a standing ab serious, tons of arms and my gluts were screaming. Throughout class Amanda ran around the room, adjusting our form, giving us tips and guiding the class through this intense workout.

Amanda’s radiant and positive energy is what really made this class so special. It’s the perfect workout to do anywhere, especially while traveling since it’s so easy to pack a jump rope!

As we starting to wind down and stretch, I found myself still smiling. I just had such a blast and got an awesome workout, with sweat still dripping down my face – this class is a game changer.

On the way out the door, they had Kombrewcha (my fav!) and little bags of paleo granola! Sweet way to end a perfect evening!

To Book in For a Class at The Rope NYC visit: www.amandakloots.com 

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

If you can’t make it to one of Amanda Kloots classes at The Rope NYC in New York City that’s ok because you can now workout with her at home thanks to the brand new launch of her on-line workout classes *click here to find out more.

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