meet: Madison Rose Ciccone, SoulCycle Instructor

Madison Rose Ciccone is a SoulCycle Instructor based in Boston an a Global Health and Fitness Instagram Inspiration.

Spa it Girl loves to follow Madison Rose Ciccone on Instagram @maddztaddz too because she is always sharing her happy smile, positive vibes and inspiring others to SoulCycle – exercise and have fun.

Spa it Girl catches ups with Madison Rose Ciccone to find out what it is really like to be a SoulCycle Instructor in Boston, what makes her happy, who inspires her and her insider tips are for the Best Spa’s in Boston and Wellness HotSpots that we should all really know about (plus more).

Meet Madison Rose Ciccone

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m originally from Rhode Island but went to college in Nashville and then ended up working for a while in the Entertainment Industry out in Los Angeles.

SoulCycle brought me back to the East Coast and now I am living and teaching in Boston.

Why did you want to become a SoulCycle Instructor? I fell in love with the company as a rider. I belonged to Equinox and someone dragged me to a class one day thats basically how everyone goes to SoulCycle, someone brings them to a class.

I then became an Assistant Studio Manger and after being with the company for some time decided to give it a try and become an instructor.

What is SoulCycle? SoulCycle is a 45 minute high octane indoor cycling class like no other. It’s a high intensity fat burning cardio workout for your entire body and mind.

When your not teaching SoulCycle what else do you love to do? I read a lot, take yoga classes, and when I have the time I like to take hip hop dance classes. I also recently got into rock climbing!

How do you manage your time when you have so much on your plate? It takes a great deal of discipline and I definitely had to find my flow and develop my own work ethic for it. There is really know “Tell All” on how to make it work. I learned by figuring out what worked and what didn’t work by process of elimination. Time management is key and staying fresh with inspiration is a necessity.

How many classes do you teach a week? I teach A LOT. Anywhere from 16 – 20 classes depending on the way the schedule rolls out week to week.

Do you have to spend hours learning the new class routines, does it get easier? Like anything the more you do it the better your get at it! Practice makes perfect right? I remember when I first started playlists would take me a good hour or two and now I can quite literally throw one together in 15-20 minutes.

A lot of teaching is really just winging it. Sometimes I have no idea what’s going to happen or how exactly I am going to teach a song… I just have to do it. If it doesn’t work I will know by the classes reaction and if it goes well… they’ll let me know whooping and hollering.

Can you share any words of wisdom for those wanting to loose unwanted weight but feeling frustrated that it’s taking such a long time? My Dad always used to say if it takes you years to put on weight you can’t expect for it to come off in a few days. I really like that because with anything and as humans we want instant gratification and results.

This type of work takes time. RELAX oh and also be kind to yourself. If you are beating yourself with harsh words its never going to happen for you. Talk to yourself like you are talking to a two year old :) All love

Do you have any go-to meals you eat after teaching a class to re-fuel? Lean proteins and carbs. Chicken and Rice usually. I always have bars and snacks on hand because I’m constantly hungry.

What’s on your playlist? I pull most of my songs from New Music Friday on Spotify… Friday is always my favorite day of the week just because of that! My Summer anthem right now is “Sorry not Sorry” by Demi Lovato.

What’s some of your Favourite Activewear Brands to wear? I’m always in SOUL gear. I love being somewhere out of town and seeing someone wearing SoulCycle clothes and giving them a shoutout. I was recently driving through Newport RI and saw a girl out my window and yelled “YEAHHHHH SOULCYCLE.” I had no idea who she was but we both waved at each other smiling. I love that instant connection.

Alo Yoga
Style Reform – You can customize your own leggings!
Lorna Jane

What things can we find in your Gym Bag?
Health Warrior Bars
Tiger Balm Ultra
An extra sports bra
Lipgloss – Kylie “Dirty Peach”
Water Proof Mascara – Maybelline Falsies Blackest Black

Do you have any Spa’s in Boston we should know about?
G2O Spa – Boston
Raffa Urban Sweat Lodge – Rhode Island

What are some of Boston’s Coffee Shops and Wellness Hotspots?
Thinking Cup
Juice Press
Mother Juice

"No one knows the days that almost crushed you. No one knows the heart break that almost broke you. No one knows the fear that almost froze you. No one knows the courage it takes to be you. No one knows the strength it takes to face the battles that you do. No one knows the inner WARRIOR you must invoke in order to get up and give each day all that you've got. No one knows how far you have come. What each movement forward meant. What each moment of healing has helped you accept. Winning isn't always about what we get. It's about what we have learned to overcome. Glory isn't always glorious. Sometimes it's quiet. Uneventful. Unseen by the world around us. Each of us needs to be witnessed. To be acknowledged in our entirety. To be recognized for the spark of divinity that we are. It's human to want that type of recognition. Attention. Acknowledgment. It's our job to make sure we find our way to shine. To illuminate what is most meaningful to us. To take the stage that will best showcase our kind of light." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @izzyvanhall thank you for reposting @chaninicholas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #inspiration #motivation #strength #courage #love

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Who Inspires you? I’m a big fan of Gabrielle Bernstein, Christine Hassler, and Melissa Ambrosini. They are pretty exquisite women to follow… oh and Oprah… duh

What Makes you happy?
Music Festivals
Spontaneous Dance Parties
Rose on Rooftops in the Summer
Unicorn Floaties in Pools
The smell of a new Yoga Mat… I just bought a new Jade yoga mat and it makes me so happy

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2017? My goal is to start teaching Yoga here in Boston.

What do you love most about Social Media? Being able to connect with people all over the country. I had a girl ride in my Soul class the other day from Thailand and she was like “Yeah…I follow you on Instagram!” IT’S INSANE!

Do you Believe in the Universe? WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY BEING

• "I'm not going to sit up here and tell you it's easy because that would be a lie…" • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Myself included… I've had my share of bad days, sometimes even bad weeks… it takes some serious GUTS & GRIT to snap out of that funk sometimes and it's not always as easy as just SHAKING IT OFF (No offense @taylorswift) but usually when I'm feeling BLUESY it's because I've lost sight of my WHY or my PURPOSE or that one thing that DRIVES ME! So don't give up because we are all going through SOME kinda THING always… I think if I can make one persons day a little brighter than hey… I did my part! #monday #motivation #keepgoing #strongertogether ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S. New link in BIO of a little blurb I wrote for SOUL

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Can you share your words of wisdom for those feeling unmotivated to workout? My mantra I always say on those days is “It doesn’t get EASIER… you get STRONGER!’ And I say it over and over and over again literally with every footstep on the way to wherever I’m going until I start to believe it and everything seems OK! again.

How can we stay connected? Instagram of course @MaddzTaddz