MNDFL in Williamsburg gave me space to chill out in

MNDFL has become one of my favorite places in New York so I was thrilled when they opened a studio in Williamsburg.

The studio is so warm and welcoming and it all starts right when you walk in. The front desk staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I was greeted with a big smile and then told what cushion I would be on for the class.

I took off my shoes, hung up my coat and chilled out with a cup of tea before class started. I just came from work and was feeling pretty stressed out after a long day.

I am also in full production mode, trying to wrap up the Fall issue of The Wellness Mercantile.

I knew this was exactly where I needed to be. After a few minutes, we were ask to come into the meditation room and get seated.

There are little numbers next to the cushions that indicate where you will be seated. Against the back wall, there is every possible pillow, blanket, cushion of all shapes and sizes to make your meditation practice as comfortable as possible. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me.

I found my spot and immediately started to chill out. The quickly forgot about the whole day. My phone was far away in the other room and it was quiet and incredibly peaceful. The meditation room is beautifully designed with neutral colors and plants. The meditation that I signed up for was the Heart Meditation so I knew I was in for a treat.

The teacher was Megan Mook and I actually had taken class with her before at one of the locations in the city – I absolutely love her style and think she really breaks it down, usually helpful techniques and clearly explains the process. I have a regular meditation practice but it’s very different when led by a teacher, especially someone so knowledgeable at Megan.

She specialised in meditation for emotional intelligence, with an emphasis on developing compassion – which was exactly the direction of this heart mediation practice.

The class was broken up into two parts. Megan shared the best way to sit, which I learned was actually very simple. I knew we were going to be sitting for a long time so this was a big one for me and I learned the answer is really to sit however you feel most comfortable.

Megan guided us through a 15 minute meditation that focused completely on opening up the heart, understanding compassion through a very simple yet complex technique. I found myself hanging onto every word she said.

After the first part of the mediation, Megan shared tips about how to stay present during the meditation and how not to zone out but to be clear to fully process the experience. She has such a warm personality and is quite funny which really lightens up the class.

I loved hearing her share her thoughts about love and compassion. Then it was time to meditation again! I actually didn’t look to see how long the class was before I began but I was ready to give it another go. I was feeling very calm, yet present and energized.

Not sleepy at all which sometimes happens during meditation after a long day. Some of the technique of this mediation were similar to the first one but it felt more relaxed and with less direction. I think I was getting the hang of it. After about another 15 minutes, I opened my eyes with a big smile on my face. Megan closed the class with a few last thoughts.

This was absolutely such a treat and came at a perfect time. I really needed this time to slow down and felt guided the entire way. MNDFL truly is a gift to the neighborhood and will absolutely be back.

They have a variety of techniques, teachers, themed classes as well as sound baths.

A HUGE thank you to MNDFL to giving me space to chill out and open up my mind.

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

MNDFL: Williamsburg, 208 N. 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 – p: 718.218.6060

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photo credits: MNDFL