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Ashley Berry – The Art of Breathwork and Attuned Self-Care by Fern Olivia

This summer, during the energetically powerful weeks between the August Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse – also known as the Lion’s Gate Portal, I was feeling an intense period of exhaustion, fatigue, and anxiety – feelings that have not been common to me since my days working in corporate finance in New York City.

The increasing energy on our planet has been very intense. Many have been contacting me for guidance as the pressure on our psyches and old patterns, old fears, insecurities and pains are surfacing.

We are living in vortexes where millions of people have been experiencing this at the same time – so collectively in our environments, we are feeling this pressure amplified, intensified.

I admit that the past month had been a struggle for me, too. I went through a period of heavy exhaustion that ran deep into my core. I felt embarrassed for not being my usual bright self, judgmental against the aggravation and fatigue I had been experiencing.

My soul was crying at me to slow down and I finally listened, tending to my dear heart and going internal, thanks to Ashley Berry.

Hello, Ashley Berry, also known as an Angel.

This dear friend and intuitive healer saw what I was going through and gently demanded I lay down on her healing table and breathe. And so I graciously obliged.

The moment I stepped into Ashley’s healing space, which is a gorgeous live/work space she has attentively adorned with many beautiful green plants, crystals, and essential oils, I felt a huge cinder block weight vanish from my shoulders.

Ashley has a sweet, sage energy and wisdom that can be felt simply by being in her presence. She listens with her full attention and her eyes are full of understanding, compassion, and soul.

She’s one of those healers who can hold space for you by just gazing at her, her presences invites breath and relief. She’s a rare gem!

“My challenges came very early in the form of a tumultuous family life in which I experienced pervasive abuse and neglect. Like most people who experienced trauma as a child, I developed a variety of coping mechanisms that helped me survive in the dysfunctional environment I grew up in, but ultimately hindered my ability to thrive as an adult.

By the time I reached my late teens, I was entangled in a slew of unhealthy habits and self-destructive patterns, and it eventually became very clear to me that I had a choice. I could continue down the dark path I was on and surely end up as a cautionary tale…or, I could begin searching for the light.

Thankfully, in that moment I experienced what I can only describe as divine grace. It was a clarity that I had not previously been able to summon, a quiet, but certain voice inside that told me that it was time to heal.

And so, my quest to learn how to transmute my pain into something meaningful began. I dove deeply into the study of psychology, spirituality, and healing arts.

I worked with therapists, homeopathic practitioners, acupuncturists, body workers, and energy healers. I explored different forms of meditation, movement, approaches to diet, and wellness practices, and what I found was that the more I worked into my own healing, the more I felt called to support the healing of others.” Ashley Berry

Her intention to offer healing and support was fully received, and was the deep level of self-care my tired body and soul was calling out for.

As Ashley guided me through a reiki and breathwork session and placed purposeful crystals on my energy centers, I felt at ease and taken care of.

Throughout my session, as she guided me through her voice and essential oils, I felt deeply taken care of. I felt completely relaxed in a safe and held space to laugh, cry, and release the tension from my body that had been held there for so long.

Ashley’s healing hands are truly that – healing.

While I will most likely never tout myself as an expert or guru of any sort, I can absolutely say that creating space to heal, to glean growth from painful experiences, and to connect with the heart in a way that allows for fully authentic and joyful living is without a doubt my greatest passion.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing the positive shifts that take place when my clients gain clarity and empowerment.” – Ashley Berry

Ashley offers Wellness Coaching, Breathwork Healing and Intuitive Card Reading. If you’re ready to begin your healing journey or have been on the path for some time and are simply desiring some support along the way, Ashley is your gal!

Located in Los Angeles and Ojai, she also consults with clients virtually, around the world visit www.helloashleyberry.com

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Review by: Fern Olivia
Spa it Girl Contributor – LA

Photo Credit: Ashley Berry

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