I had a Timeless Organic Facial at Eve Salon in New York

Eve salon is a gem in the West Village, located on West 8th Street in New York.

First of all, the location is amazing, right next to Washington Square Park. I have never been to Eve Salon before but had the pleasure of experiencing a Timeless Organic Facial with Eileen.

This rejuvenating facial stimulates natural production of collagen, regenerating fragile tissue, reducing visible lines and firming contours….amazing.

Eileen introduced herself to me and she was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. She definitely takes a holistic approach to health and wellness which is something that is very important to me so we instantly connected.

She walked me through the facial step by step, sharing with me the incredible products she was using on my face and every single ingredient.

I was incredibly relaxed and comfortable while listening to Eileen talk about the importance of food and diet, when it comes to skin care. Our conversation definitely made the experience special.

She shared with me which foods are best for skincare, which foods she suggested to avoid and how to use plants to make masks at home with simple ingredients.

Eileen’s vegan/raw food lifestyle is something that she is incredibly passionate about and I absolutely loved listening to all of her beauty rituals and experience in the kitchen. Her knowledge and expertise on all things beauty was definitely inspiring.

The hour went by so fast because we were chatting away! I just loved spending an evening at Eve Salon. Before I knew it, I had a hot towel on my face and Eileen was putting lip moisturizer on me.

I got up from the table, got dressed and looked in the mirror… my skin was glowing. Eileen showed me every single product that she used on my face, showing me all the amazing ingredients and nutrients that were jammed packed into each of these little jars.

No wonder why my skin was so smooth and radiating. Perfect timing because I was heading out to dinner with a friend post facial. I felt completely relaxed and my skin looked bright and radiant.

I highly recommend visiting Eileen at Eve Salon for a Timeless Organic Facial. The entire experience from start to finish was absolutely enjoyable. Eve Salon also offers waxing, manicures, nail art and more.

I will absolutely be back to experience other services and also invite you to Be a Spa it Girl at Eve Salon just like me.

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

Eve Salon: 55 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011 – Phone: +1 (212) 807-8054

Eve Salon is officially tried, tested by Spa it Girl to book in visit: www.evesalon.nyc 

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photo credits: Eve Salon