Haven Spa Facialates is Pilates for your Face

Haven Spa NYC is a sanctuary on Mercer Street in lower Manhattan tucked away, right by NYU campus that is now offering a brand new SPA treatment and it’s Facialates.

Facialates is a 60 minutes non invasion spa treatment without needles or surgery. Specially designed massage technique in this facial activates unused facial muscles, sculpts the face, and increases muscle tone.

The specially blended enzymes, peptides and anti-aging serums will stimulate cell turnover, and collagen and elastin production.  Results last for up to 2 weeks and the Facialates costs $245 per treatment.

Spa it Girl NYC Contributor, Erica Joy Dunn went to Haven Spa NYC to have a Facialates spa treatment and gives us the low down:

Have you ever head of Facialates? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s pilates for your face. Amazing, right!?

I am a huge pilates fan but never think about working out the muscles in my face so this was a perfect treatment for me. The goal is to leave you with tighter skin. This technique was developed by master facialist, Stalina of Haven Spa.

The treatment begins very similar to a facial where you discuss needs and concerns with the practitioner. There are elements of massage and a traditional facial all rolled into one.

I truly felt moments of deep relaxation and times where I felt my facial muscles really working hard.

There were various enzyme peels and masks used throughout the treatment. Each one had a different consistency and all smelled amazing.

When Stalina reached for another product, she shared with me all the ingredients used from cherry and almond masks to a goats milk mask. Each one, leaving my face feeling supple and fresh.

The application of each treatment was very different, switching from hot to cold, activating different muscles with massages in between. The facial and neck massages are said to help with lymphatic drainage, puffiness and strengthening muscles.

The massages are helping to lift the muscles in an upward direction, giving you a more youthful look.

The muscles around the jaw and neck area received special attention as those are places where I often hold tension.

I felt like Stalina was lengthening my neck. There was also massage around the chest where were deeply relaxing.

I felt muscles working that never get used. I guess this is exactly what it’s called Facialates. It was such a cool treatment and left feeling like my skin was tighter and definitely had a glow. After a one hour session, my skin was definitely firmer. Facialates is an awesome way to step up your skincare routine.

To make an appointment at Haven Spa visit: www.havenspa.com

Haven Spa: 250 Mercer StreetNew York, NY, 10012

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl NYC contributor 

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image credits: Haven Spa