DanceBody NYC turned my I can’t Dance into I CAN DANCE

Are you looking for a DanceClass that reminds you of your high school dance team that takes you back to your younger years?

What if you weren’t part of your high school dance team but always wished you could have been?

If you are like me, and wish you could dance, then you will love my latest Spa it Girl review because thanks DanceBody in NYC I finally discovered after all of these years that I actually CAN DANCE.

It can be hard to find the right amount of cardio, choreography and music on the NYC dance class scene but DanceBody manages to carry it off with ease.

I happened to check DanceBody’s Instagram page @dancebody before leaving and immediately changed into a more sweat-proof outfit.

Upon viewing a well choreographed, synchronized class, I remember thinking, “oh, these ladies are SERIOUS”.

DanceBody is located in New York City and housed in a authentic dance studio and has a wall of full length mirror, ballet barres, powerful Air Conditioning, great speakers.

The DanceBody studio is on the top floor of a five story walk up and it’s narrow entryway is dimly lit and busy, the fullness of each class speaks to how fun and dynamic these classes truly are.

When the instructor asked if anyone was new, I was the only one to raise my hand while everyone gave me an encouraging, knowing smile.

On Mondays, we get #motivated ✨ #KeepMoving

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As soon as the DanceBody Signature Class started I broke out in a sweat by the middle of the first song.  A DanceBody Signature Class involves fast-paced dance-inspired cardio routines freshly choreographed every two months.

These routines are taught using the “follow along” method, and while I didn’t get every move in each sequence, I did get a lot out of the choreography and I even managed to learn.

Be sure to expect a mashup of modern dance derived moves, burps, arm dancing intermissions and even a mini-bare class.

The Instructor, Ashley was equal parts professional, dancer and teacher.  High Energy and quite sassy, it was refreshing to have an instructor push the class to give it our all.

I couldn’t help smiling throughout class, especially when learning a great routine to Beyonce’s Partition.

By the end I had that dancer’s glow and couldn’t string three words together, something my instructor fondly called ‘dance mind”.

If you are looking for a great cardio and ab workout, glowing skin, and music you want to dance along – go to DanceBody.

Whilst I checked out DanceBody in New York City if you don’t live near a studio, you can try DanceBody’s online classes from the comfort of your own home.

Be sure to hashtag #Spaitgirl #KeepMoving + tag @Spaitgirl @DanceBody  to share your DanceBody moves.

Visit: to check out their class timetable.

Review by: Genevieve Wollenbecker
Spa it Girl NYC Contributor 

Photo Credits: DanceBody