I had a NYC quick côte mani & it didn’t cost the earth

The beach vibes are clear as you walk into côte’s bright doors. Situated near bustling Union Square and the East Village, the salon sports punchy pillows in breezy tones like coral and gold,  salon tables made with light wood, and an optimistic number of beach accessories.

While a lot of nail salons have gone for a futuristic minimalism, côte is a breath of fresh California air.

The fun selection of boutique items is hard to miss and arranged in a way to make the nail salon experience inviting, casual, and enjoyable, so côte’s co-founder and CEO, Mary Lennon, assure me during my visit.

Passersby are encouraged to browse the selection of beachy accessories, gifts, and côte’s signature line of safe, clean nail polish and stay for a quick manicure.

côte is part of the ever-growing movement towards a safer, cleaner nail salon experience. Free from ten different kinds of toxins (conveniently listed here), côte also focuses on educating the consumer about why safe, clean varnishes are important in the first place.

During my appointment, Mary reminded me that our nail beds are porous and absorb whatever shellac we put on them. I immediately felt sorry for my poor, ill-treated nails, and all of the harsh chemicals I’ve painted them with over the years.  

After being offered a choice of rosé, water, or tea, I went to select my color from their great, signature line. I had originally picked a very nude color thinking it would be great if my hands could look a little tan (tan hands are happy hands!), and was graciously directed to a côte staple, Coral No. 1, which actually made my hands glow.

Spa it Girl NYC Contributor: Genevieve Wollenbecker

My nail technician was very nice, professional, and fast. That’s another appealing aspect of côte’s cozy location close to 14th Street. This is the perfect salon if you work around Union Square (and who doesn’t?!) and want to touch up your nails during your lunch break.

This is a quick, no frills—minus the rosé—manicure that promotes safer beauty as much as it respects the New York minute. At $20, the quick côte mani is affordable and sweet.

With its friendly staff, delicious nail polish color options, and ethos of safe, clean beauty, côte is a welcome addition to the New York scene.

Be a Spa it Girl at côte, 100 East 13th St., New York, NY 10003, www.coteshop.co

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Review by: Genevieve Wollenbecker
Spa it Girl NYC Contributor 

Photo Credits: cote