Five Things I learned About My Skin at Rescue Spa

Five Things I Learned About My Skin at Rescue Spa by Genevieve Wollenbecker

As I sat waiting in the elegant, luxe lobby of Rescue Spa NYC, I was instantly hit with the realization that I knew nothing about my skin. Sure, I could pick between oily and dry in the moisturizer section (Oily. No, wait! Dry?), but beyond that I was skin-clueless.

It turns out, I was in luck. All of this indecision and naivete would soon disappear (along with many blackheads) after my facial with the lovely Diana Yerkes, Rescue Spa NYC’s lead esthetician. Together, Diana and I would go on a journey through the collection of Rescue Spa treatments that was equal parts enlightening and relaxing.

Here are the top five things Diana and Rescue Spa taught me about my skin and how to keep it looking fresh:

1 –  It’s all about your regimen. Establish it early and make sure you’re “listening” to your skin. Diana really illuminated my skin’s situation. For example, my skin looks nice and clean on the outside, but a few layers down, my dermis was rather bumpy, caused by clogged pores. The source of this clogging could be a number of things, hormones (shout out to the zits on my chin), contact (typically created by my hand trying to cover up aforementioned zits), and too heavy a moisturizer. Play around with a series of products and treatments that work for you and establish your daily routine.

2 –  Use that washcloth. Our grandmas had it right. Use a washcloth when cleansing your face, as it adds an extra dimension of exfoliation. While receiving my facial, Diana used a mix of cleansers, microdermabrasion, and topical peels to cleanse and rid my face of dead skin cells. After all of the heavenly massages and treatments, my skin looked and felt lighter.

3 – Dampen your cotton rounds. I’m not sure why, but this tip blew my mind. Get rid of those cotton balls, they absorb too much product, and spring for some rounds. You can also dampen cotton rounds before applying your toner to dilute the solution a bit.

The one product I did end up purchasing at the end of my facial is Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970, a balancing lotion that hydrates and exfoliates. The smell is strong, mineral, and full of raw biologically-derived ingredients like great burdock root and Vitamin PP. Rescue Spa swears by Biologique Recherche and its focus on pure, effective ingredients. I like it because I think I smell like the earthy bark of my favorite tree; my fiance thinks I smell like a plant.

4 – Always apply serums, toners, and lotions upwards. This concept was prevalent throughout the many treatments during my facial. From massages that started at the collar bones to applying serums with quick upward strokes, defying gravity was the focus of my treatment. The most intense product I experienced was the Bio-Lift Facial which uses the Remodeling Face Machine by Biologique Recherche. This customizable device sends non-invasive electric microcurrents that lift, sculpt, and keep your face firm.    

5 – Always apply sunscreen. Sure this one seems like a no-brainer, but how many of us are guilty of forgetting the SPF on a cloudy day? I originally came into Rescue Spa because I needed a consultation on some hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. Growing up in the tropics, I was expecting some manor of skin damage or sensitivity. That’s why the gentle LED and O2 treatment at the end of my facial felt so healing. My esthetician programmed the LED treatment to a color frequency that would best benefit my skin (in my case, green for the hyperpigmentation). The oxygen treatment breathed fresh life into my pores, and encouraging collagen creation to keep my skin youthful.

So there you have it! While it’s essential to establish at-home self-care for your face, I highly recommend stopping by Rescue Spa to give your skin an extra level of glow.

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Review By: Genevieve Wollenbecker
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