Get Glowing in LA at Glow Skincare

Glow Skincare  is founded by Kasey Boone who is such an inspirational#GIRLBOSS that we love.

She makes you glow from the inside out and she is always sharing empowering skincare, self care tips on her  instagram page @glowskincarela  and she goes well above and beyond to help you feel good from within and to radiate and glow.

Glow Skincare offer everything from Custom Facial’s, Treatments including Spray Tan, Lash, Wax to name only a few.

We had our very own Spa it Girl LA Contributor Alexa Coughlin visit Glow Skincare for a Hydrodermabrasian Facial with a hydro jelly mask.

Here is low down on what it was really like:

Glow-up enthusiasts looking for that creamy dewy complexion you didn’t think was possible for your city-struck faces: let me introduce you to my new friend, Glow Skincare.Nestled right off of Riverside and Cahuenga in Studio City is an unexpected corner of relaxation doused in millennial pink.

Word to the wise – do not, I repeat do not park behind Glow Skincare or you will find yourself driving down a narrowing driveway leading into a small lot containing too many cars, requiring a 9 point turn to get out. But don’t let this discourage you – luckily street parking is nearby and plentiful.

When I entered Glow Skincare, I was met with walls of meticulously curated beauty products, clearly marked and encased in pink and gold shelving and wall accents.
It smelled like vanilla and cinnamon and I was immediately offered a glass of water by Kasey, the owner who exudes a warm and inviting energy.

You can’t help but notice she also has the most beautiful creamy and glowing skin – a foreshadowing to the glow I would leave with? Time would tell.

Despite my strict skin regimen, it had been a while since I’ve had a proper facial so I was very excited to try Glow Skincare’s Hydrodermabrasian Facial with hydro jelly mask.

I have combination dry, sensitive skin featuring the monthly invasion of hormonal acne so I’m pretty much an esthetician’s dream client (hehe).

I took out my gold hoops, tucked into the soft white sheet, closed my eyes, took a deep breath of lavender essential oils and Kasey got to work right away cleansing, gently scrubbing, and steaming.

She progressed rhythmically taking little breaks in between each step to massage the products further into my skin.

Then it was time for the hydrodermabrasion (basically a diamond tip microdermabrasion with water) for exfoliating, brightening, and fine line reduction.

She followed it up with a hydrojelly mask which covers your entire face (eyes and mouth included).

As Kasey scooped the surprisingly soothing cooling mixture over my eyes, I lay there descending into a dark cave of beauty wondering if the world was ready for my american psycho moment.

After about 10 minutes, Kasey peeled back the mask which had now taken on the form of my face and showed me my newly shed cocoon before disposing of it.

Feeling like Kasey was my new skin genie, I had to know how she got into the beauty industry.

Like most successful entrepreneurs, after getting fired from a job, she knew it was time to branch out and follow her own dreams, so Glow Skincare was born.

As she told me her story, she massaged my face with Glow Skincare signature cold rollers which are my new obsession.

Imagine cooling little jelly beads running across your sinuses, cheekbones and jaw – I could try and describe the sensation but it wouldn’t do it justice – just TRY IT.

She finished it all with a lymphatic massage which provided the relief I didn’t know I needed. Honestly writing about this facial is making me want to go back and get another one right now.

When I left, my skin was undoubtably radiant and glowing – but this glow-up didn’t have a shelf life; the best part about the Glow Skincare facial was the lasting results.

My complexion improved the each coming week and I didn’t have a single breakout! Talk about a miracle. My fine lines were reduced and some discoloration from the sun looked fainter.

I went make-up free and was constantly getting compliments on my radiant complexion.

Thank you Kasey Boone and Glow Skincare.

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Review By Alexa Coughlin
Spa it Girl LA Contributor

Glow Skincare is now Tried, Tested and #SPAITGIRL Approved

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