90 min WOW Signature Facial at Ling Spa in NYC

They say spring is a time for cleaning. Cleaning out the closet, putting away the heavy linens, and all other tidy activities to help prepare the home. This season, I’ve conducted a spring cleaning of the body. Between getting my annual check-ups to visiting the dentist, I’ve been focused on preparing my body, inside and out, for the transition into summer.

So, of course, this cleansing regimen included getting a facial. What better way to feel clean and renewed than having my face massaged, scrubbed, and lathered for an hour and a half? After my 90-minute WOW Signature Facial at Ling Spa, I felt as if my soul had been scrubbed clean.

The Ling Spa Union Square location is a small, pristine storefront brightly lined with their exclusive Ling Skincare product range. The fusion of Eastern and Western skincare practices founder Ling Chan is known for can first be found in the tasteful decor of the waiting area and treatment rooms.


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The focus on natural ingredientsginseng, herbal clay, and charcoalas well as the facial cupping, ultrasound, and other techniques incorporate a wide range of influences, so there’s a little bit of something for every skin type.


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My treatment started with the massage, and it was no joke. The Ling facial massage is the best massage I’ve received on any part of my body ever. Period.

My excellent esthetician, Cherry, released knots in my jaw and cheekbones I didn’t even know I had. I mean, who keeps tension in their cheeks? Me. I do. I knew that stress could make me break out, but Cherry helped me understand that the stress I put on my shoulders (probably from lugging 5 books around at once!) shows up in the neck and temples.

I kept using the term “hurt so good” during the process, partially because I was nervous my jaw might pop from the pressure, partially because I needed my jaws to pop and release the years of pressure I put on them.

During my massage, Cherry also discussed the benefits of cleansing and massaging the lymphatic nodes along the neck, and how swollen my nodes had become from the buildup of stress, dirt, and debris. As this portion of the treatment ended, I couldn’t help but feel that the massage was therapy for my face.

The extraction process felt less like therapy. I really enjoyed the three-peel solution right before the extraction took place and the soft mask after. I could feel from the tingle on my skin as the trio of solutions dissolved all of my dead skin cells, clearing a path for my pores to breathe.

I actually began the extraction process filming it, though quickly stopped when I realized how much work there was to do on my face. There’s a reason why Ling Chan is known as The Skin Guru, and the quality of the extraction process is definitely a signature.


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The best part of my extraction was the custom-blended soft mask at then end, after all of the pore opening. My custom mask included oxygen and ginseng, and Ling prides itself on offering blends with charcoal, peppermint, and collagen based on your skin type. My mask felt like a cloud had landed on my face, and the soothing lather quickly released and relaxed my irritated pores after their ordeal.

One look at my skin at the end of my treatment, and I saw why the WOW Signature Facial is the most sought after service at Ling. Was there a halo around my face? Why was it glowing so much? I suddenly forgot my age as I noticed that the last year’s worth of gin and seltzers had disappeared from my face.

It isn’t only the angel glow that has converted me into a Ling enthusiast: gone were the bags under my eyes, the swollen cheeks, my sore neck (lymphatic drainage is real!) and jaw, and the hyperpigmentation in my skin. This was the result of one facial. Just one! I came away from my Ling experience a brighter, cleaner human.

I’ll definitely be heading back; the Energy Cupping treatments all look tantalizing and I can’t wait to get another expert massage and facial treatment. While the WOW Signature Facial does cost a solid $285, it is quality work. Ling offers a very wide range of services, including their Express Glam Instant Lift Bar, 30-minute treatments that make for great quick, affordable skin treats.

If you’re looking to do some spring cleaning yourself, make sure to book an appointment at one of Ling Spa’s  two lovely locations. Use code spaitgirl20 to receive 20% off services (excluding the Instant Lift bar, skincare products, and waxing services).

Have a glowing spring season.


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Review by: Genevieve Wollenbecker
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