Raffles Maldives Meradhoo is like an awakened DREAM

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo is a Raffles Maldives First.

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo is located at Gaafu Alifu one of the world’s most remote and pristine atolls, found at the southernmost reach of The Maldives.

At Raffles Maldives Meradhoo, you will find swept away with the sheer personalised butler service from the moment you arrive at Kaadedhdhoo which is about an hour’s domestic flight from the Maldivian capital Malé.

From there, your private butler and the team will help you to safely make your way into their speedboat and from the moment you step into the open air cabin it’s like stepping into a day spa as they have beautiful soft spa music playing, gorgeous spa aromatherapy associates scent and instead of rushing to grab a seat so the speedboat can take off you are actually invited to slow down and take your time.

You are then offered a cold refreshing drink, a hot towel from your very own private butler and then from there you are introduced to their Wellness Journey – which involves taking some big deep inhaling breathes and exhaling and you are guided every step of the way, by a trained spa therapist from Raffles Spa at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo after a few grounding self care rituals you are then invited to have a head, neck shoulders massage which is seriously the best.

This speedboat introduction at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo is unlike any other spa resort I have ever visited it was some so special and so feel good that I will never forget and after a really early morning start and catching so many planes to get there it was exactly what I needed but I had no idea to even expect this which made it even more heartfelt and special.

It then just keep getting better every step of the way because when I arrived at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo I was greeted with such beautiful luxurious style and big happy smiles along with a glass of champagne and a traditional Maldivian welcome song looking around at everyone and everything was so beautiful it was the most positive happy feel good energy and I was seriously blown away.

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Your Butler is your discreet yet dedicated helper always there to assist with arrangements and to ensure that you and your loved ones are getting the most and best from your time with us. From arranging diving trips and private dining experiences to delivering ice cold champagne to you as you watch the sun set anything you want he can arrange for you.

I stayed in one a beach villa which is only footsteps away from the beach, and the interior colour palette takes inspiration from the marine environment and soothes the senses.

Made for relaxation with generous outdoor spaces including a private garden and pool, a wide verandah opening directly onto the beach and a choice of daybeds both inside and outside so you can relax completely and absorb the extraordinary atmosphere of this special place and when you see the size of the bathroom and bathtub you can’t help but be blown away.  The beach villa is so generous in size and I really felt the expansive space.

During my stay I got to go out for a private snorkelling session with Dr Sonia who is a Marine Biolgoist and it was so amazing.  I am not much of a swimmer however Dr Sonia was able to teach me how to snorkle properly unlike anyone else I have ever met so finally I got what to actually do and she guided me the whole way which was so cool as I felt totally safe.

I wore a life jacket and that was the best thing I ever did as it made it easier for me looking down at all of the little pretty fish and during my snorkel I even got to see a baby shark swimming around which was a first for me plus I got to swim right beside a sea turtle which was the most amazing experience after I finished my snorkel I felt so refreshed, re-energised, excited for life and I really loved my snorkling experience.

I am so grateful I chose courage over fear and did it as this is now one experience I will never forget thanks to Dr Sonia and also the natural beauty and Marine life that can be found straight off the beach at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo.

For Dining here is some of the things they offer….

Thari – From pastries and fresh fruits at breakfast to vibrant salads and a la carté dishes at lunch and themed dinner nights, guests can relax in this informal, open space in the cooling drift of the gentle ocean breeze. This was one of the most beautiful elegant timeliness luxury settings over looking Raffles Maldives Meradhoo and the Indian Ocean was absolutely beautiful.

The Firepit – In the flickering light of the charcoal fire, while sipping a chilled cocktail or a glass of wine from our exceptional sommelier selection, watch our chefs use one of the oldest forms of cooking to create a stunning, flavoursome feast. Romantic, natural and relaxed, The Firepit is unique. From here, sunset watching and star gazing is more than magical.  If not raining of course.

YUZU Nikkei Cuisine (Opening September 2019) In a distinctly romantic setting over the lagoon, their chefs blend traditional Peruvian dishes with influences from Spain, Italy, China and Japan to capture the diversity of this unique culinary legacy. The Menu is being served at the Private Dining Room in the Beach Island from May 1- August 31 which I personally got to experience and loved.

LONG BAR – With a list of vintages to match those reserved in the British Royal cellars, the Long Bar is dedicated to the most luxurious of moments. With its chic design and beachfront position, time spent here is the ultimate in elegant indulgence. I had the best and freshest Mocktail ever at the Long Bar their Mocktails are a must try especially when you just want a nice refreshing drink after you poolside swim.

During my stay I got to try some many scrumptious meals, I relaxed by having a morning coffee breakfast at Thari, I practiced yoga on sunset and even participated in a sound bowl healing session which was absolutely incredible I swam a lot, relaxed in my beach villa and big bath tub, had a glass of champagne or two and let’s not forget the most important thing of all I got to be a SPA IT GIRL at RAFFLES SPA and share my personal journey with you too.

RAFFLES SPA was like an awakened Dream – which defintiely ticked every single SPA IT GIRL review box.

I truly believe hand on my heart this spa will be winning all of the awards because so much heart and soul and love is being poured into this wellness spa and when it comes to the spa design it is so utterly impressive combined then with the RAFFLES SPA manager and team it is truly GLOBAL SPA WELLNESS award winning right across all levels.

RAFFLES SPA is an overwater spa – which I LOVE, with the focus being all your own well-being.  They offer a range of wellness spa treatments that combine the power of nature with ancient rituals to heal, soothe, nourish and uplift your heart, body, mind and soul with highly skilled, qualified and trained spa therapist.

I truly loved my spa experience here and everything that the Raffles Spa is about and offers.

I loved their open air overwater reception design, plus their Harmony treatment room and I truly loved spending time with the Raffles Spa Manager Devi and her spa therapist team who were all so kind to show us around.

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I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with RAFFLES SPA at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo.

I am beyond grateful to be able to show you around personally via IGTV on the SPA IT GIRL travel show channel – this really is a dream come true.

I want to personally thank you for all of your support and also Raffles Maldives Meradhoo too.

All of the staff at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo were beyond amazing.

They all made me feel so welcomed and I loved how as a Luxury Spa Destination in the Maldives you can simply be yourself.

A very big thanks to Devi, The Raffles Spa Manager who dedicated so much of her time to make this SPA IT GIRL TRAVEL collaboration happen.

A very big thank you to Sajid my private butler for making my stay run very smoothly and for arranging all of the things I need at the time.

A very big thanks to my spa therapist and the Raffles Spa team for being all so beautiful, happy, kind and caring I loved being surrounded by you all and in your presence.

To Gabriela who shared her story of what inspired her to want to work in the Maldives and for Raffles Maldives Meradhoo which you can see in the highlights under RAFFLES MALDIVES @spaitgirl_travel

To Len for being such an amazing host ensuring everything was running smoothly and ok during my media stay.

There are so many of you to individually thank so what I will do is thank you all at RAFFLES MALDIVES Meradhoo – you know who you are.

On that note I hope you enjoyed finding out about Raffles Maldives Meradhoo which is now open for you.

To find out more about my RAFFLES SPA treatment and more about my RAFFLES SPA experience

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