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Hotel Bon Sol is in Illetas, only 8 km from Central Palma, Mallorca, you’ll find the clifftop Bon Sol nestled amid pine trees, a moorish tower lifting from luxuriant gardens and dominating the picturesque Palma bay.

It’s one of Mallorca’s finest hotels, the vision of Antonio Xamena, a Mallorca who loved the island and wished to give others the authentic experience of its charms.

The Xamena family originated in Felanitx, a neat and lively town known chiefly as an important centre of the azulejos (blue tile) industry and the production of wine. The notable architect Guillem Sagrera was born in Felanitix, whose best known work is La Llotja (exchange building) in Palma.

Antonio became the youngest member of the Fomento de Turismo, which arranged walking excursions to all parts of the island, he used these opportunities to explore wild areas as well as cultivated.

From these walks emerged an abiding respect for the natural environment and a conviction that both in gardens and in the wilder areas, nature should be preserved and respected.

Antonio coaxed the terrain, as had the Moores, famous for beautiful terracing and skilled control of water movement. Gardens are lush with flowering trees, including Mulberry trees, Ficus trees, lemon and orange trees, pines and ivy.

It is a place which displays the most striking contrasts of light form and texture, exploiting the features of trees, shrubs, and plants in their relation to soil and rock, stone-walling or paving, it succeeds in providing an unusual range of experiences, refreshing each visitor in the special manner that only a fine Mediterranean garden can.

Antonio found inspiration in the sea and set the intention to ensure each guest would be able to enjoy a view of the Bay of Palma and he encouraged the atmosphere of the sea to permeate the whole establishment. You’ll notice walking around the hotel that the sea is a recurring subject in the paintings he chose or commissioned for the public areas and guest rooms.

The main building abounds in lounges and cozy intimate corners with antique furniture, beautiful paintings and precious porcelain – the atmosphere of a midiveal castle overlooking the majestic turquoise waters of the Palma Bay.

Nirvana Spa facilities are truly luscious which is what drew me in to experience a treatment during my final hours in Palma – and if I had more time here I would have stayed for days.

The perfect retreat away from the capital of Mallorca, Bon Sol offers a beautiful pool, saunas, Turkish bath, thalasso and physiotherapy in a serene setting.

The path to the Nirvana spa is as sublime as the treatment experience – from the Reception lobby, lifts descend to the lush sub-tropical gardens; an oasis of calm and colour where waterfalls splash peacefully onto rock-girt swimming pools and the crystal clear Waters of the small sandy beach afford safe, relaxing sanctuary for swimming.

Perhaps most notable about this gorgeous resort is the friendly, hospitable energy felt immediately upon stepping foot on the property. The Bon Sol is a family-owned and managed hotel, proud of its reputation for the very personal and tailored guest experience.

Martin and Lorraine Xamena and their children endeavour to bring about further enhancements all while preserving the original character and fine traditions of the Bon Sol.

What also sets this gorgeous destination apart from other properties in Mallorca is their commitment to sustianability and creating an ecological balance – which is extremely important on this small island. Since the beginning, toilet and shower drainage was separated and used for irrigation of the hotel gardens after treatment.

The heat generated by air-conditioning is used to warm swimming pools and pre-heat the hot water supply.

In 1968, solar energy (the first in Mallorca) also contributed to the process. Almond shell burners, as a renewable source of energy, were used and still are, for hot water and central heating. Oil burners are only used at peak hours. The whole system has achieved remarkable levels of energy efficiency and avoids pollution of our precious sea.

In 2001, Hotel Bon Sol received the Government Environmental Award “EMAS” for it’s contribution towards ecological achievement.

Mallorca is a divine holiday destination and had been named the most sublime country in Europe, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The Bon Sol will surely be a memorable part of your experience to this special island.

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