ep48 – Self Care Tips with Jess Hatzis-Walker co-founder of Frank Body

In episode 48 of the #SPAITGIRL Talk Show with Yvette Le Blowitz

Our very special guest is……

Jess Hatzis-Walker a writer based in Melbourne.

Hatzis-Walker is one director of Willow & Blake, a communications agency specialising in tone of voice development, copywriting and social media for brands, founded in 2009.

In 2012, Hatzis founded frank body with four other friends.

What began as a side project turned into a global skincare brand with an army of close to 1 million active consumers online.

Jess likes black coffee, Neil Young and would to visit her high school careers counselor who told her that pursuing writing was a bad idea.

You can connect with Jess via her instagram page @jess_hatzis

You can also learn more about Frank Body that she is a co-founder of by visiting their website at www.frankbody.com

I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to catch up with Jess Hatzis-Walker and hope that her words of wisdom help you during this self isolation, lock down, uncertain times some of the things we talk about are:

– how to run a business or global brand from home during self isolation

– how to market your business via social media during this global pandemic time and how to work on building your community during this time

– what her self care rituals are as a busy #girlboss

– how she is actually staying focussed when there is so much going on in the world at the moment

– how she actually manages her time as a busy #girlboss

– any lessons she has learnt from going from a start up co-founder to now global brand.

– how to switch off from all of the heartbreaking and negative news that we are constantly having to face every time we look at the news or Facebook page updates

Now that I have given you low down – grab your ear phones, plug them in and listen to this brand new episode whilst going for your walk or at home during lockdown.

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