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Hello Beautiful

How are you?  I hope you and your family are well.

As you know since the global pandemic and Covid19 started it’s been one of the worlds most challenging times.  Covid19 has thrown the world into complete utter choasis and also we are in the mix of a global crisis and it’s challenging, tough and so many things are up in the air and with so much uncertainty it’s important to know that you can weather any storm or global crisis that is right on our door step through practicing self care rituals.

I had to put my own self care rituals to the test as over a month ago my mother feel critically ill and her lungs stopped working and as a result she had a seizure and went into a coma the emergency doctor and intensive care didn’t think she would make it that day and told myself and the whole family this as if you can’t get oxygen from your lungs to your blood streams and brain it’s fatal.

When my Mum arrived to the Emergency Department at the Hospital she was placed in a glass quarantine emergency treatment room and all of the emergency and intensive care doctors, nurses, front line hospital staff every time they went in had to be totally protected in case she had Covid19 at the time we were advised that we could go into the room to be by her bedside and we would have to wait 4 hours for the COVID19 test results to come back.

It was in that moment I had so much empathy for other people globally who sadly couldn’t get to say goodbye to their loved one who had tested positive for COVID19 and who had sadly passed away

as not being able to touch your loved ones and be by their beside in the hospital must be so heartbreaking. I discovered that having to say goodbye to your loved one behind the hospital room glass or via facetime on the mobile phone must have been one of the hardest challenges of all.

Prior to my Mum’s lungs not working she had been diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs and she is elderly and in an age care home so when people talk about how vunerable the elderly are I definitely know this personally as I have even over the last couple of weeks see my Mum picking up her second pneumonia and how easy it is for the elderly when they have underlying illness.

Plus their immune systems are so low, weak and frail so I definitely encourage everyone to social distance and keep up your hand sanitiser washing your hands because until there is a COVID19 vaccine any person of any age is vulnerable because no one knows how each individuals immune system will re-act.

At the moment in Australia a number of Suburbs in Melbourne have gone into lock down for the next 4 weeks to help stop the spread of  COVID19. I am definitely thinking of everyone who has tested positive and I hope they make it. I am also thinking of everyone who is in lock down again as I know so many of you have only re-opened your business or returned back to work and it must feel like you have been smacked down by life again.

With so much going on I want to share the good news that through the power of love and pray my Mum woke up from being in a Coma and whilst I have been visiting the hospital and her daily for over a month now I am so grateful I got to experience and witness the power of love and pray.

As at the time when my Mum was in a Coma I was feeling so overwhelmed as I definitely wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her in this traumatic kind of way and I felt so upset so I went to sit in my car to take a break from being beside in the hospital knowing that my eldest sister and youngest brother was there so if anything happened I wouldn’t be far away but I really felt like I needed to take some time out and catch some fresh air.

I also felt like I needed to talk to someone about what was going on as I was totally in the middle of an absolute crisis so I rang my eldest brother and he offered up some words of wisdom which was say a pray for Mum I haven’t prayed in years but Aunty Lilly suggested I pray for my Mother so I did so I replied with ok I’ll give that a go that sounds like a good idea.

It was in that moment when I sat in my car and I had tears rolling down my eyes as I didn’t want to loose my Mother that I said a pray to god and as I finished my pray I than received a phone call from my eldest sister who said Mum has woken up and I was like what OMG that’s such amazing news I will come back straight away.

When I walked back into the room she was laying there with her eyes closed and my sister had my little niece on FaceTime and she was talking to my

Mum her Nanna at this point I thought she still looked like she was in a Coma the same prior to me going out for my walk to get some fresh air and to sit in my car.

But all of a sudden next minute when my little niece went to say her good byes via facetime to my Mother all of a sudden she sat up out of the middle

of no where and said LOVE YOU and that was when I witness the power of LOVE.

As we had all been spending time by her side talking to her, plus my little niece and Aunty had also been talking to her via FaceTime even when she was in a Coma

and despite all of the odds stacked up against her I truly felt that if we could talk to her there would be a chance that it might WAKE her up and to witness  her first words being from there on in Love You has been such a remarkable gift.

I am super grateful for my families love and support along with all of the ambulance officers, doctors, nurses, staff, frontliners who have truly helped to make this miracle of life happen.

I have learnt so much during this very challenging times which are: You never know when you say goodbye to someone if it’s going to be the last goodbye so always make sure you leave on a positive note

Your engagement rates, metrics for your social media account doesn’t count when you are faced losing a loved one who is critically ill but what really counts is the heartfelt DMs and messages of kindness, love and support when those who follow you and are part of your life and community make the time to say I am thinking of you and your Mum, I am praying or your Mum it’s these personal messages and people that I will remember for ever.

That practicing my self care rituals has the power to help me process and deal with so much emotional stress that turning to practice yoga, go for a walk run, journalling is so much better than turning to alcohol which my younger self would have done to try and numb the pain or to deal stress, but what I have learnt through this global pandemic, crisis and with my own Mum being critically ill.

When you are already under so much stress, and on an absolute roller coaster of emotions and some day’s it’s so hard to get that energy to go up to the hospital but you know you have to be strong of your loved one, that when your mood is dipping down you definitely don’t want to amplify it with drinking alochol so I feel that going through this very challenging time has helped me to learn, develop, expand and grow and I am so grateful for that.

That you might not be able to do everything you had been doing before up until this point but that’s ok don’t be hard on yourself instead set yourself small goals for me that was recording one podcast show a week I could have not recorded any for the whole month of the crisis I was facing however I really wanted to become bigger than my own personal upset, emotional pain and I felt if I could do just one thing to keep the momentum it was a sign that I wasn’t going to let COVID19 and what was going on with my Mum’s health smack me down.

But I have to admit the first night I returned from the hospital and she was in a critically ill state and they told us over the next 48 hours she was on a knives edge they didn’t know if she would make it so didn’t want to get our hopes up it was in the middle of the early morning that I woke up feeling so emotional and so upset and like I could actually had chest pains and could die of a broken heart that’s who painful things were for me facing the harsh reality that I could lose my Mum who was my best friend, my role model.

My Mum has always been my role model, the person who built me up, cheered me on, she told me I could do anything or be anything, she instilled a belief system that everything was inside of me, that I had the power and it came from within.

She had introduced me to the Oprah Winfrey Show and at the age of 8 that was when I first discovered Louise Hay and how she had written a book to help other people and that truly planted the seed for me that if I could write a book to help other people I too could travel the world and get on the Oprah Winfrey show not to mention be paid to talk and at the time they allowed me to dream so big and so wide along with my Mother which I will be forever grateful for.

My passion for books came from my Mother giving me a little golden gate book each Friday and writing in the Front Cover – To Yvette Love Mum and every Friday she would take me to the local library after school and I would sit on the floor and immerse myself in so many books and than when it was time to go because the Library was actually closing and the Libarian wanted to get going I would take as many books home as I could.

My Mum has been one of my best friends especially after I got over my teenage years and realised that everything she was trying to tell me was for my own good and she was actually more older, wiser and had way more experience. Prior to my Mum falling ill and going into age care we use to travel to Airlie Beach each year which is located in the Whitsundays, Queensland and we would visit Whitehaven Beach which is one of our all time favourite beaches in Australia and than on return back to our self contained holiday apartment we would than sit in the spa and enjoy a nice glass of wine which I truly loved.

There are so many times when I am travelling over to the Maldives that I wish my Mum could come for me but I am so grateful that with our modern technolgoy I am able to create virtual travel shows not only for you but also for my Mother as that is how she travels Virtually from her bed which is such a blessed gift.

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I would love to know if you enjoyed reading this old school style blog which has me literally sharing my real thoughts and feeling with you and for you.

On that note below you will find – 5 Self Care Rituals to Help You Feel GOOD from Within.

Choose 1 or Choose all 5  – stay focussed and committed to taking care of yourself every single day – YOU’VE GOT THIS

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