FEEL WELL at The Westin Maldives

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions since the Global Pandemic started and slowly everyone globally are trying to return to some kind of new normal.

In saying that I have some very exciting news The Maldives is re-opening their borders on the 15th of July 2020 – so if you are lucky to live in a country that allows you to international travel and want to go on a Dream Holiday I highly recommend visiting the Maldives as it is so Feel Good and it will really help you fill your cup back up and feel good from within.  Once you visit the Maldives you will however never want to leave and always yearn to return each year – trust me I’ve visited over 14+ resorts now and still have so many more resorts to discover and experience.

But with the reopening of the Maldives and in support to helping to kick off their Travel and Tourism Industry again I wanted to share Issue No.1 of the #MaldivesOnly Travel Guide.

The Maldives Only Travel Guide is a curated collection of Tried, Tested and Reviewed – Luxury Spa Wellness Resorts and in this issue you can discover and learn more about The Westin Maldives which I had the pleasure of visiting at the start of March right before the Global Pandemic hit.

You can take a sneak peek in virtually on my #spaitgirl Travel Show – Instagram Page @spaitgirl_travel via my IGTV Channel, posts, stories highlights, videos there is so much real life information there which will give you a really good feel for The Westin Maldives virtually as I take you with me and show you through one of their beach villas , Heavenly Spa by Westin, breakfast, dinner offering plus more.

But on that note I hope you enjoy reading the first edit of the Maldives Only Travel Guide by #SPAITGIRL – Feel Well at The Westin Maldives

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