EP.175 – How We Can Create A Better Future with Maggie Hamilton, Author, Social Researcher

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EP.175 – How We Can Create A Better Future w/Maggie Hamilton, Author, Social Researcher

What Happens To Our Kids When We Fail to Grow Up?

Maggie Hamilton is an Author, Social Researcher, Writer, Storyteller and Former Publisher.

Maggie writes books and for magazines and gives frequent talks about social trends where we’re going and why.

Maggie has held a number of senior roles in publishing and at the ABC and served on the Executive of the Sydney Peace Foundation, as a Member of the Organising Committee for the Federation Australian Women Speak Conference, Office of the Status of Women; and Member of the Organising Committee for the Federation Australian Women’s History Project, Office of the Status of Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Maggie’s life began with a handful of books for children, then books to feed the soul.  Maggie was invited to set up Allen’s & Unwin’s Inspired Living Imprint, publishing over 75 books in mind, body, spirit, health, wellbeing and psychology fields.

Maggie Hamilton has an insatiable curiosity about people, about life.  Maggie is passionate about exploring new possibilities and helping create a better tomorrow.

With so many new and differing viewpoints available to her, Maggie Hamilton was inspired to ask bigger questions, to deep dive into research.  Three huge bodies of research followed, culminating in What Men Don’t Talk About, What’s Happening To Our Girls? and What’s Happening to Our Boys? each striking a chord with many.

Maggie Hamilton is a returning podcast guest and last time she appeared on the #spaitgirl podcast show she shared insights into her book: When We Become Strangers and tips on how we can tackle loneliness in our communities, towns and cities.

Maggie Hamilton’s latest book is: What Happens to Our Kids When We Fail to Grow Up? How to Equip Ourselves for A Better Future it’s an intimate, compassionate window into those moments in adult life where the vulnerable teenager within (and in others) is still running the show, inspiring us to move on – to do the difficult things, so they become easy, so we (and our kids) learn to be strong.

Adolescence is full of exuberance yet has a shadow side. Big on self-confidence, teens ache to be special, to be right, yet still expect to be bailed out when things go wrong. Teens like to win regardless – to do what they do, because they can, not because it’s right.

Should we fail to leave adolescence, we continue to experience all the vulnerabilities of teen life, leaving us forever blaming and complaining, caught up erratic self-centred behaviour, and agonising over what we’re meant to do with our lives.

What happens when our pursuit of happiness turns toxic when we’re constantly massaging the truth to ‘fit’ our worldview, when unexpected events leave us anxious and unable to cope? What makes us vulnerable to over-spending, to unhealthy competition , to cheating?

What changes when we let go our fear of ageing, our determination always to be happy? Why are our negative emotions useful too?  What does the story of Narcissus reveal about our narcissistic tendencies? Why is wonderment so valuable?

As we embrace our life challenges, they help us (and our kids), live bigger, fuller lives, that deliver genuine meaning and worth.  First though we need to grow up.

Yvette Le Blowitz Podcast Host sits down with Maggie Hamilton Author of What Happens to Our Kids When We Fail To Grow Up to discover How We Can Create a Better Future.

In Podcast Episode – EP.175

Maggie Hamilton shares:

– a little bit about herself

– insights into her new book- What Happens to Our Kids When We Fail to Grow Up?

– how we can equip ourselves for a better future

– how to help your kids be resilient

– how to help your kids be authentic

– why negative emotions are useful in building resilience

– fear of ageing

– how to break the forever blaming, complaining cycle

– how a simple good morning or smile could change someones life

– why connection in our communities is vital for our future

– her own self-care rituals

Plus we talk about so much more……..

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