EP.180 – 100 Days of Brave with lolanthe Gabrie, Author, Director of Ruby Assembly

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EP.180 – 100 Days of Brave with lolanthe Gabrie, Author, Director of Ruby Assembly

How to Prevent Small Business, Start-Up, Side Hustle Burnout 

Empowering Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 

lolanthe Gabrie is the Author of 100 Days of Brave and Director of Social Media Agency Ruby Assembly and she knows good business.

Creating inimitable brand content of rare depth, lolanthe is a sought-after digital marketing authority, business mentor, speaker, author with a focus on the startup space.

lolanthe shares her passion and expertise for very good business via Serious Women’s Business: Northside, a 500-strong networking group based in Melbourne, and on her podcast Sell Less. Mean More.

If you want to live life on your own terms, work for yourself in a business that you love, and enjoy the freedom and rewards that entrepreneurship brings, 100 Days of Brave by lolanthe Gabrie is the ultimate roadmap.

Whether you have a part-time hustle or want to dive straight into a full-time business, lolanthe Gabrie shares some very practical, inspiring and invaluable insights and support through her 100 Days of Brave. 

If you have always dreamed about becoming a blogger, influencer, running your own fashion brand or you already have an established, blog, salon, spa or online store and brand lolanthe Gabrie shares her insider social media marketing agency tips to assist.

lolanthe Gabrie also shares her own self-care rituals that she has had to also put in place to take care of her own health as a business owner.

Yvette Le Blowitz Podcast Host sits down with lolanthe Gabrie  Author of 100 Days of Brave to find out more about her book and things you need to know about if you want to become an entrepreneur which is far from the instagram fantasy that is always being sold to you told.

In Podcast Episode – 180

lolanthe Gabrie shares:

– a little bit about herself

– insights into her book – 100 Days of Brave 

– how to prevent start up small business burnout

– things to know about start up businesses, entrepreneurship, and side hustlers

– insider social-media agency marketing tips {that you don’t want to miss}

– how to overcome rejection of your business idea, service, offering

– tips for busy Mums who are trying to run a business from home

– tips on writing a book {if that’s one of your dreams}

– her own self-care rituals

Plus we talk about so much more……..

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