EP.198 – The Hope Dealer – Grief Gratitude w/Caitlin Cady, Meditation Teacher, Author

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EP.198 – The Hope Dealer w/Caitlin Cady, Meditation Teacher, Author

Caitlin Cady is a writer, a meditation teacher and the bestselling author of the internationally published Heavily Meditated, not to mention her work has appeared on a myriad of platforms – including Insight Timer.

Now in her artfully designed new book The Hope Dealer Caitlin offers 101 messages to dip into each day, supplemented with her own insightful advice and personal reflections on each musing.

Caitlin Cady is on a mission to help you tune into your highest self and live to your full potential.   Her goal is to make it easier for you to feel happy, whole and high on life. To Share the practical tools and powerful perspectives that will help you rediscover your magic, feel amazing, and plug into your full potential.

The Hope Dealer is the perfect way to get your daily dose of guidance and inspiration from the hands of fate.  Choose a page by chance, read the musings in sequence, or close your eyes, reflect on a question or situation you’d like to shed light on and let your fingertips lead you to wisdom.

With straight-talking prompts such as ‘Busyness is not a badge of honour’, ‘Let’s be our best for each other – even on the good days’, and ‘Be an imperfectionist’, The Hope Dealer invites us to take a step back and gain some much-needed perspective.

Say sayonara to self-doubt and perfectionism while building self-trust, integrity, resilience, courage, compassion and confidence.

Caitlin’s hope is that her book The Hope Dealer inspires you and gives you confidence in the future.  The Hope Dealer pages are full of prompts and questions that invite you to relate to things like rejection, sorrow, self-doubt, emptiness, vulnerability and grief in new and empowering ways.

The Hope Dealer has been created to help you tune into your highest self, to help you embrace your full potential.

Yvette Le Blowitz Podcast Host talks with Caitlin Cady to find out more about her book The Hope Dealer and grief story.

In Podcast Episode – EP.198 

Caitlin Cady shares:

– a little bit about herself

– insights into her brand new book – The Hope Dealer 

– an intuitive reading from The Hope Dealer for our podcast listeners

– her very personal grief story

– things that truly matter when it comes to a meaningful life and end of life

– things to help with grief – practical tips that anyone could try

– how to feel less anxious and stressed in the lead up to Christmas

– meditation tips

– her own self-care rituals

Plus we talk about so much more….

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