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I have hand-picked these books especially for you.

As I truly believe they offer insights, words of wisdom, exercises, tips, tools, technique’s, rituals that can help us to feel good from the inside and also help us become our own best self.

With so many of us unable to travel internationally or more than 25kms if you live in Melbourne, Victoria now is the perfect time to focus on What We Can Do vs What We Can’t do.

Since going into the first round of Lockdown back in March – I made a decision to swap 20 minutes of looking at my social media news feed on my phone to reading a book  and it’s been the best decision I have ever made.

I am seriously feeling so good by making time to read each day and I am really loving feeling a book in my hands and reading and learning from others again.

There is research that supports how reading can reduce stress by 68% and after my personal experience I personal think it could even be a lot higher than that for me.

Either way I truly believe that Reading has become The New Norm and thanks to covid19 it is definitely here to stay.

So with that in mind here is more information about this month’s #SPAITGIRL BOOK CLUB PICKS

Happy Reading Everyone


Love Yvette Le Blowitz


SEZIE THE YAY by Sarah Davidson 

This is such an inspiring Start Up Entrepreneur Story about Sarah Davidson who is the co-founder of Matcha Maiden, this book includes lots practical tips on how to find your YAY in your own life, also Sarah Davidson also opens up and shares things she now does in her life to avoid burn out.

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THINK LIKE A MONK by Jay Shetty 

You might have stumbled across Jay Shetty on social media and thought how did he rise to fame so quickly and become an over night Social Media Sensation?

Buter after you read this book you will discover that Jay Shetty has been meditating for 1 to 2 hours a day for 13 years, plus he also was inspired to become a Monk early on and he started giving talks about How to Think Like a Monk when he was attending college with zero people turning up to his very first college talk.

This book offers many incredible insights how to Think Like a Monk – without having to go live in an Ashram like Jay Shetty did.

In this book you can learn more about How to Meditate, let go and train your mind for Peace and Purpose Everyday.

Jay Shetty is know for sharing words of wisdom from others and himself  and millions of people turn to him daily whilst he shares advice on how to build positive relationships which is also included in his very first book. I am half way through reading Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty and learning so much. This book is larger by size but jam packed with loads of things to Try in your day to day life.



This book is filled with powerful ideas and simple proven tools that will help you transform your wishes into dreams, and then into an achievable one-page road map for creating your dream life – a life designed by you for you, and for your loved ones.  

Kristina Karlsson, the woman behind the inspiring global success story, kikki.K, shares her personal insights from her amazing journey, from humble beginnings on a small farm in Sweden to the 3am light bulb moment that led her to chase and achieve dreams that are now inspiring a worldwide community of dreams. 



BALANCE & other B.S: [How to Hold it Together when you’re doing it all] by Felicity Harley 

I have personally read this book and found it to be the best book read.  It was a book that made me feel AHHH we are all experiencing the same day to day pressures no matter if we live in a bustling city or in the country.

Author Felicity Harley talks openly with other incredible women about what it is really like to Juggle the roles of partner, boss, friend, mother and employee (plus side hustle). If you are feeling overwhelmed and a mother, or father, or even if you don’t have any children of your own this book provides an empowering insight into what it’s really like trying to juggle it all.  One thing for sure is mental and emotional burnout is on the rise, along with self doubt, self comparision when making time to look at your instagram feed.  

But the good news is Felicity Harley shares her own experiences, research and insights from leading Australian experts in health, sociology and feminism and she calls out the crap in ‘cult wellness’ with the focus on how as a society we are obsessed with Wellness yet women’s mental health and wellbeing is on the decline. 



LIMITLESS by Jim Kwik 

Jim Kwik (his real name) is a widely recognised world expert in memory improvement, brain optimization, and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury left him with learning challenges.

Kwik created strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance and he has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their brains true potential. For more than 25 years, he has served as a brain coach to a who’s who of Hollywood elite, professional athletes, political leaders, business magnates, with corporate clients that include Google, Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, GE, 20th Century Fox plus so many more.

In this book you can learn how to break negative patterns and effortlessly create new positive routines, unleash your productivity, tap into boundless motivation, eliminate mental fog, sharpen your focus, learn anything, read faster, make better decisions, confidently remember everything from names to languages, no matter what age. 

I have personally read this book and it was an absolute life changer – I doubled my reading speed – which is HUGE for me – as prior I considered myself such a slow reader, I learnt how to remember people’s name and how to recall even a list of 10 things and remember it forwards and backwards.  I also said to my Mum after reading Limitless by Jim KIWIK – OMG why didn’t they learn this at school I would have become a much better reader and even been able to remember and recall things – but the great news is it doesn’t matter what age you are – you now have the opportunity to Fight digital dementia which Jim Kwik talks about in his book also.

To kick off the very first #SPAITGIRL Book Club Vlog – naturally I had to share this book Limitless by Jim Kwik – because if we can all learn the How To of Reading and Recalling the information we are reading it will set us up for every book we read for the rest of our life – so it’s definitely worth doing the exercises in the book plus you get given access to so many free resources also. 

I am also the Author of: It Starts With Me by Yvette Le Blowitz – as you may or may not know

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